Saturday, August 9, 2008

Am I REALLY 65 ?

And still playing with dolls and all the other fun stuff like polymer clay, beading, scrapbooking and the list goes on. Sixtyfive years ago today I was born in St Johns hospital in Springfield, Il.
Life so far has been very full of ups and downs, blessings and heartache. I am so very thankful for each and every day the good Lord gives me. Hopefully there will be many more. When I went to the mailbox this afternoon, it was full. Three books my honey bought me came, lots of cards, one very special one had pictures of our granddaughter, you can see her on the horse. She is taking riding lessons and I hope to do a post of just her soon. A box FULL of all the stuff I like came all the way from my dear friend Janet in Ca. she sure has my number. You can see the goodies better if you click on the picture. The picture of the doll (that I could not turn) was also a birthday gift. Next tuesday my friend and neighbor is taking me shopping and to lunch, and the next week when my pastors wife gets home from general assembly we are going to hit a few antique this rate my birthday will last all month. Maybe getting OLD isn't so bad after all. As you can see I have not posted for two months, June was filled with VBS and 18 days of visiting with our girls. I'm not sure what happen to July but it sure seemed to go by fast. So a great big THANK YOU to all my family and friends that made this a wonderful birthday.
And remember, YOU ARE JUST AS OLD AS YOU THINK YOU ARE! I'm still thinking 16.
How about you ?