Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taking a Little Break

This will be my last post for a few days, we are going to Winter Haven to visit with friends. We will be back next Tuesday. A much needed time of rest, especially for hubby. He came up here to retire but has found himself working harder some days than he did in the Keys. I took some pictures of him on his job, maybe I will post them when we get back.
This is my latest sets of beads, they have a glare so it is a little hard to see the design on them.
Over the week-end I received an email that had a wonderful site to go to and I wanted to share it, here is the address............. http://www.bornagainamerican.org/ Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. See you next week. Hope everyone will be able to get in their garden soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This is the day...

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24
The calendar may say the first day of spring, some of the flowers believe it but it was 48 degrees this morning when we got up. It warms up into the 70's in the day and is quit nice but the mornings are still very cool. I left the windows open last night and it was 65 in the house at 6 a.m. . I say," what is wrong with that", Honey says "close the windows you are freezing me to death."

So to celebrate SPRING come on over for some tea. By the time you get here we will be able to sit on the porch. And just for you I will bring out the Brambly Hedge set. There is a setting for each season. They are made by Royal Doulton. Click for a close up, are they not the cutest little critters you have ever seen? Just had to have them! We can do tea or even lunch but I drew the line after that, which means NO dinner plates.
We might have to fight off the cats, the porch is their favorite place to hang out, maybe some pictures of that laid back scene tomorrow. BE BLESSED

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I felt like paying homage to my Irish heritage. This is a picture of my very Irish father holding me. This picture of us was taking when I was a little over a year old. We lived in Springfield, Il. at the time and he drove a taxi. I'm sure I have told you this before but will mention it again. He was driving a cab in the windy city of Chicago when he met my mother. She had gone there to heal a broken heart and to see her older sister who was playing the piano in a night club. My mother had been engaged to a soldier and he was killed in an accident. When she met my wild silly Irish father it didn't take much for her to fall for him. He was twenty years older than she and a very smooth talker. He loved to dance, he was always the life of the party, could drink anyone under the table, and had a true Irish heart. He passed away at the age of 58 in 1961. My prayer is that he had time to make it right with God. I was not a Christian at the time. I accepted Christ into my life Feb. 10, 1976, and I thank God every day that my name is written down in His book of life. My Irish blood has turned to Royal blood, as I am now a joint heir with Jesus. To God be the glory.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Are you sick of beads yet ?

This is the two I just finished. The other three I made a few days back but I do not think I posted them. I have a goal to finish at least twenty sets before the show. I guess if they do not do as well as I am hoping I will have to open an etsy account or something. It is times like these I wish I lived in an area where there is an abundance of little gift shops that would take things on consignment.

There was some misunderstanding about my craft room and my computer room. They are two different rooms. This is my computer room, it is the room that I showed a few of my favorite things in. It is the one with the old post card wallpaper.
This is one side of the room and the next shot is the other side. It is the smaller of the two rooms. It is about 8x12 and the craft room, which is the room we added onto the back of the house is 12x28. It is also my laundry area. No matter how many rooms I have or how big they are I seem to have no trouble filling them up. Lord deliver me from STUFF ! Anyone else have that problem ? Double click with caution.....the clutter might be more than you can take.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Then & Now

And of course blogger added the pictures in the wrong order----I wanted the black and white one on the bottom to be first and this one to be last. This first one is my cousin Joyce and her friend Dwight. They live in Illinois,they went to see some friends in Louisiana and decided to come on down to see us. They had never been in Florida. We do not live near the ocean or Mickey but we are in the central north part of the state, so there is not a lot to do here.Sitting on the porch relaxing and talking about the GOOD OLE DAYS!

This is us on our front porch. She is on the right just like in the picture below. In that one I am in the middle and her older sister is on the left. My parents and I had gone to there house for a visit. They have a younger sister that was not born yet. Their father and my mother were brother and sister. The two pictures under us girls are them when they were small.

Uncle Dean was looking mighty shy in the picture on the right. All I can say about that is he sure grew out of it. Don't you just live old photos?

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Walking

Our company pulled out this morning and I told my out of shape self----"today is the day" ! This is what our roads look like and it makes a very pleasant place to walk. My neighbor and I had been walking almost every day, two miles but we were expecting some company and I needed to do some spring cleaning so the walking had to wait. I called my neighbor after I started some wash and did some picking up to see if she wanted to go but she was not home and my sorry self said, "that's good, just wait until another day" mmmm, I got out my walking shoes, my water, and some music, and off I went.
How many of you remember Fats Domino ? Remember the song, I'm Walken ? That's me......... love it, nothing like a good walk to get you going, keep you feeling good, and maybe even loose a few pounds.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another glimpse into my space

Just wanted to share a few spots in my house that are some of my favorite things or areas. This antique buggy and baby are in the very first room, the one that has the cobalt blue glass in the window in the last post I did. This large collection of peacock feathers actually come from birds I knew...some from when we lived in the Keys and some from a bird that found its way to my Pastors house, where he camped out for about a year. He was finally captured by the "Pest Control guy" and now is happy strolling his 90 acer home.
The items on this shelf are two matching vases, two bird prints, an antique photo album, my metal "Jesus Loves Me" sign and of course a few books. That's a novel thought, books on a book shelf!

This is in our kitchen, my real reason for taking this picture is the flower. I picked it the other day from one of our bushes, which have suffered a really unusually cold winter. It looked like a freeze had done the bush in and then it was full of buds. What makes this flower so great is the fact that it has two colors...it came from a bush with all pink flowers. When I picked it I noticed a whole group of buds that will come out like this one, that is if the freeze we are suppose to get this week (YES AGAIN) does not do them in. The teacups are two from a set of twelve, Royal Albert "flower of the month" series.

This is another wall in my computer room, it is opposite the the wall that has the book shelves. If you want to see the wall paper you will need to click the picture. The prints are all by Atkinson Fox, one of favorite artist. Sitting on my reproduction record player is the fourth print,another teacup, stained glass lamp, and a rose vase with what else, more peacock feathers.
So there you have another little glimpse into my home, hope you enjoyed the tour.
Do you have a special little part of your place you would like to share ?