Saturday, November 24, 2007

3 Weeks Old Yesterday

I can not seem to get these guys to hold still for a good picture. Instead of trying it when they first get up from a nap maybe I need to snap one when they are about to fall asleep....I will keep trying. They are still pretty wobbly, they are the cutest when they are in their box rolling all over each other. They are starting to bite and play. Three look like mom and two are black and white, well white on the tummy and feet.
Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. We had a fairly quiet day with just a nephew and his wife, plenty of food and good fellowship. So much to be thankful for, hopefully an attitude of gratitude will remain all year. Now how many kittens did you say you wanted???

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Special Day

What a special day~ but then I have a SPECIAL friend that really likes to bless me. You just might have to click on this picture to see any details
There is a piece of cake and a candy (not real of course) made by Cathy T. Chavez. An angel for my van, a kitty mug (don't you just love the colors ?) and a very great collage. The card has a wonderful story about a teacup. And that's not all, can you believe a years subscription to one of my favorite magazines. So WOW!!!! am I ever feeling loved, and all the thanks go to my dear long time friend, Janet. THANK YOU !
p.s. the kittens are doing fine, really getting cute, a new picture will be coming in a few days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cuddle Closer, It's Cold !

You will probably have to click on this picture to see much of anything......The babies are eleven days old today. They have their eyes open and are trying to walk around a little. I did not want to take a picture yet of them with their eyes open as I do not want to hurt them with the flash. I will try to get a better picture in a few more days. Three of them have a very short stub and the other two have an (almost) tail, about 1/2
inch long.I can hardly wait till they are all up and running around, I think!!!!
Nothing much else going on here, L is going to Winter Haven for a few days to play golf with his friend that winters there, I have a meeting tonight and church tomorrow and will be busy all day Thursday with hair appt. and some tests done at the heath clinic. Before you know it turkey day will be here and L has invited his nephew and his wife, I think they will spend a night or two, so it will be busy around here. I'll try to post again before Thanksgiving. BE BLESSED

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Tale of a Different Kind

I have a neighbor that is a few years older than me and she loves yard sales, thrift stores, etc. as much as I do, so whenever I can I ask her to come along. We had just returned home the first Sat. of Aug. I was helping her out with her "new found treasures" when I heard a cat meow. Strange, she does not have a cat. I'm the one with all the cats, and not wanting any more. This strange little female, with no tale came out of the flower bed, she looked like she was starving, and like she had kittens, there was milk. I asked my friend if she was going to feed her----NO WAY said she! Then she said, "why don't you take her home with you"? Oh sure, like we need another cat. So I left, went home, told my honey about it, and before I could finish my story, there she was on our doorstep. Now let me tell you how smart this cat is, she went straight to HIM, meowing, and rubbing, looking up at him as if to say, "please help me"...He picked her up, looked her over,said I wonder what happen to her tail? Then he said, " I think she has babies and she is hungry" !!!DUH you think??? Next he said, "go get some food for her" wellllllll we fed her, she stayed, something happen to her kids, I was waiting for her to dry up so I could take her to the vet and get her fixed since my honey really likes her and started calling her (his cat), the only one we have that likes him best!!!! I told you she is smart. Well to shorten this tale a it became obvious she was going to be a mom AGAIN and by doing a little math I knew her time should be about the first part of this month, so in the house she came, and sure enough, we have 5 wee ones. Now before these kittens were born we wondered about Sweet Pea's tail (that's what we named her, it was going to be Sweet Pig as she sure can eat, but that seemed a bit unkind) anyway we thought maybe her tail had been cut off...............that got settled when we saw the kittens, all 5 have no tails. So we have a Manx on our hands, and even though that is not the end of the tale, I'll stop here. There will be baby pictures later. BE BLESSED