Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 ies or a 4x4

This idea came to me while I was looking at a quilting book. First I thought of making the 2 inch square, then I decided to make 4 of them, all different but when put together has to make one complete theme. The pictures are samples of fabric, the background paper is paint samples, but card stock or any other paper would be good.
And it wouldn't even have to be paper. So far I have not come across anything small enough to use (that I liked) in making the inchies, 1x1s, still working on that thought. I really liked making this and will probably make some others, with more detail. I'm disappointed that the blue glitter(colbalt) color does not show up on the one on the lower left corner.
So I guess this is it for a few days as tomorrow is Sunday and Monday I have to take my van to the van doctor, pray it is still under warranty. Have a GREAT weekend and BE BLESSED

Friday, June 29, 2007

You Won't See This in Mayo

These pictures were taken this month in the Keys.
Within a few days after our daughter returned home she and a friend saw this water spout, however
when they saw it, it was over land. Pretty scary for the folks that live there. You wouldn't think this would be any big deal after dealing with hurricanes. Of course these seem to come up out of nowhere, with no warning. Most of the time they stay out over the water. We have heard of them picking up big boats and whirling them around before sitting them back on the water.
Whatever name up put on these things, no one looks forward to hurricane season. I thought when I moved to north Florida (in land) I would not have to be concerned with it, but as long as we have family there you can believe we will be praying. God give us an uneventful hurricane season. Are you living on a coastal area ? If the "BIG ONE " comes, will you board up and leave? I hope so!
These pictures were sent to me by a friend in Marathon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old Book & Art

While in town today I had a few extra minutes so I stopped at our dinky shop where people in need can get a handout. The reason I go there, they have FREE books and you never know what you might find. I'm always on the search for ones that I can take apart and use in art. That is what I had in mind for this book but when I got home with it I did not have the heart to tear it up.
It was put out in 1959 by National Geographic. It is called America's Wonderlands, The scenic national parks and monuments of the United States.
This picture was taken out of the chapter on the Everglades. It was painted by National Geographic artist-
naturalist Walter A. Weber.
The caption at the top of the picture says, Snowy Egret
To put "a bird on Nellie's hat," shooters destroyed whole
rookeries, almost wiped out these dainty egrets by 1910.
Today they safely parade their courtship plumage in Everglades National Park.
I'm not sure how many have survived over the years as this was written in 1959. How can we be so cruel and mindless to almost wipe out such a beautiful creation?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23, 1923

If my mother were still living on earth she would have been 84 today. I am her only child and she was 20 when I was born. She was born in Centralia, Illinois the youngest of four children. After she turned 18 she left southern Il. to go stay with her sister Helen who was playing the piano in a club in Chicago. That is where she met my father. They moved to Springfield where I was born and then to Niantic and finally to the west end of Decatur to a suburb called Wycles Corner. That is where we were living when I first got married also where my friend Janet lived. We met in the fifth grade. You all know her as jkbees. If it were not for her you wouldn't be reading this now. Thanks dear friend for intoducing me to Blogland.
Mother was a hard working woman that loved to spend time alone, she also played the piano. In the last few years of her life she lived in Coffeen, Il. next door to her sister and then Dean one of her brothers lived on the other side of Helen. Their other brother Fred lived in town. I always enjoyed "going home" to visit as they were all right there together.
I will always be grateful that mom came to stay with us in the Keys the winter before she passed on. We made some real special memories there. I regret that she never got to see the place we have now, she would have liked north Florida and the country. I really miss her, she was my dearest friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM ---I hope they have chocolate cake in heaven.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Down To The Sea

I finally found some time to play. First I drew some flowers, they looked worse than plastic, then I drew a peacock, but grew weary with all of the feathers, it will take hours to finish. Then I began a sky and just let my mind lead.....came up with this picture and the following poem.
Would it not be fun
to watch the sitting sun,
to sit in a boat just off the shore.
to think of our troubles no more.
To feel the cool breeze ,
maybe watch the birds, if you please.
Listen to the splash of the waves,
Oh for this solitude, my heart craves.
So what do you say, just you and me,
let's take a quiet walk down to the sea. Every now and then I miss the ocean. W.G.M.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's to quiet !!!

The girls left Tues. morning early, I kept busy all day so I would not think about them being gone as much. Why is saying "goodbye" always so hard? The house is back in order and the laundry is all caught up and it is very QUIET around here.

This third picture is taken with our oldest cat, Sarah, she is 23 years old, the last of her family. When we lived in the Keys I rescued her mother from the shelter, she found a few lovers before I could get her to the vet....she had 2 boys and 2 girls, one male went to a cousin in Miami, we kept the rest. Now Sarah is the last one alive.

The fourth picture was taken at Wild Adventure, after the train ride through the part of the park where they keep the animals you can feed the giraffes, they love carrots. You really need to hold them up a little higher unless you want giraffe slim in your hair. Can we say "Yuck" here?

We went to the park two days in a row, first day was to ride the rides, see the animals, go on the nature walk. The second day was spent at the water park and on one ride that we all voted to be our favorite, rode it several times, a log that went up high and then down through water and into water that sprayed real high and then fell down on you, needless to say we were glad we had our swim suits on. It was fun watching "first timers" hit the water.
Blogger did not load the pictures in the order that I wanted so the second two should have been first and the first two next, oh well ! The first two are M. picking blue berries with grandpa and M. and myself on our way to church Father's day. Of course the BEST PART for M. was she was able to go back to the stables and ride "Goldie" and this time the man took the lead rope off, talk about excited----that is all we heard about and probably all anyone else will hear about when they ask M. about her vacation. But then isn't that what it's all about, making great memories. No wonder the bible says, "Blessed is the man whose quiver is full", speaking of having Lots of children. CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The girls have been here one week now and the time is FLYING by. The first picture of the three of us was taken Sunday afternoon when we got home from church. The second picture is of our little
"roost ruler" doing her most favorite thing in the whole world.....if she could she would live in the barn and eat and sleep with the horses. This horse is not ours, her name is Goldie and she lives at the Spirit of the Suwannee River Park. If they did not live in the Keys and us live in north Florida we would have to buy a horse, I think three acers would be enough space, but for now she must be content to be entertained by our three cats that live outside.
Tomorrow we are off and running to Wild Adventure in south Ga.. Of course if we can pull it off I'm sure there will be a little shopping
in there somewhere. Since they have been here we have hit every Cato and Wally World within fifty miles. This "old woman" is wear-
ing down fast!!!!!
I don't know about where you are at but it has been HOT here, we hit 99 Sunday and close to that since with NO rain. We are praying for rain the water table is way low. I will try to post after our little trip to Ga. or maybe I will just wait till the girls head south and I regroup. BE BLESSED and if I do not get back on here before Sunday I pray you all have a nice Father's Day.