Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yard Art

It's amazing what you can do with dishes. My oldest daughter bought a beautiful set of Fiesta Ware and loved all the different colors but she changed her mind and gave it all to my youngest daughter, who needless to say was thrilled. Now comes the part where I get involved, I received her old set, some of which you see in this picture.
The large plates had chipped edges so I broke all of them up to use in the stepping stones. I found that the cups and bowls when broken for the most part did not lay flat so I decided to use them to make a bird bath and the cups water other small critters, including my cats. The teapot had been broken and glued back together and the large blue bowl was a found treasure from the Dollar store.
My honeysuckle vine is winding it's way up am old baby bed side. This path is a work in progress covering a large part of the space on the back side of the house. It is the area you see when you look out my kitchen window. Hopefully when I finish it will resemble an English garden. I will show more pictures later. I think this picture will enlarge if you click on you can see the pattern on the dishes. Lovely blue and yellow flowers, etc.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Denim Day

I had no intention of making an ATC today. It was suppose to be a day filled with projects to finish before I go away this week-end. Last week I had ironed a patch on a pair of my honey's work jeans and it did not hold up to well so I had to think of some quick way to fix them. I decided to sew all around the edge of the iron on patch. Well wouldn't you know, while sewing those jeans I got a couple ideas for ATCs. First I told myself, "you do not have time to mess with them". Mmmmm, the machine is already out and I think I have everything I need. So I gathered up the lace, the heart, the felt, the gold cord and got started. I cut the pocket out of an old pair of jeans that I keep for patching. Backed it with red felt, stitched on the lace, glued down the heart, stitched the cord in place, and wrote the words. I can not think of a better thing to have a pocket full of unless of course it is MONEY!

This second one I wish I would have frayed the edges until the denim piece was about an inch and a half, I think I would have liked it better. For some reason when I was sewing it to the felt backing it went out of square. It has the tri colored angora yarn under the lace. The lace has little rhinestones on it but they did not scan well.
I sure had a lot of fun, and I refuse to feel guilty for not get-
ting my work done. Besides I have two more days before I leave. Now I want to give you a quote from a book that I got for free....that's right I said free. We have a little house here in our town that accepts clothing, household items, books, etc. and everything in it is free. I take things in once in awhile and I always look at the books. They happen to have two that really caught my eye. The man in charge said take as many as you want, we have to many. Sooo! here's the quote.. WE MUST ACCEPT THAT THIS CREATIVE PULSE WITHIN US IS GOD'S CREATIVE PULSE ITSELF. Joseph Chilton Pearce said that and I think I'll agree with him. So there you can I go against God's creative pulse, I ask you ?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

God's Creation & Mine

Today I am using some of God's art work and tossing in two necklaces that I made some time back.
These flowers are on one of the two camellia bushes we have in our yard. The bushes have really been put through it this year with all of the really cold weather we have had. They will soon be gone. There are so many things blooming here right now, wisteria, azalea, dogwood and just this week the wild flowers along the roadside are making a show. I never cease to be amazed at all of the beauty around us. Whether it be flowers, birds, waters, mountains, there is just so much to be thankful for. Thank you God, you truly are an artist.
These two necklaces were made from some very old broken strands that I had saved over the years. The earrings were made to go with either one. All of the beads are glass and crystal. You might be able to see them better if you click on them. Of course my favorite is the one with the flower in the center. It seems that when I start a project, if I really like it, I will run with it and make several of whatever it is. At the same time I made these I made four others. I will try to share them later.
Yesterday was yard work and cleaning out gutters, today was errand day, so I was gone most of the day, that leaves just three days till I will be leaving for the Keys to go spend a week with two of the most precious people in my world, my youngest daughter and granddaughter. Hopefully I will get back to you before I leave. BE BLESSED and enjoy every moment you are given.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Folklore,Fiction, & Fun

Kissing the Blarney stone can be a daunting task. After all you have to go all the way to Ireland. My little friend put on his best green jacket and found his way to the Blarney Castle, hoping to see and capture a leprechaun , or at best kiss the Blarney stone. You see he knows a certain lady mouse that he has been trying to win her affections to no avail, but he heard that if he kissed the Blarney stone he would become skilled in flattery. He searched high and low for the leprechauns, finally seeing some playing among the ferns he quickly kissed the stone and left the castle. As he approached the leprechaun he began to speak, such wonderful flattering words came out of his mouth. In no time he was able to get close enough to capture the little guy. Once he had a hold on him he said, " Now you must show me where the hidden treasure is". Ah! at last and so it is true......with the treasure in his nap sack and the sweet words of flattery on his lips he is homeward bound to win the hand of his true love.
And yes I do have a goodly amount of Irish blood, how about you?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

B, Bee, Be

March 14
"… you are that one’s slaves whom you obey …" (Romans 6:16).
The first thing I must be willing to admit when I begin to examine what controls and dominates me is that I am the one responsible for having yielded myself to whatever it may be. If I am a slave to myself, I am to blame because somewhere in the past I yielded to myself. Likewise, if I obey God I do so because at some point in my life I yielded myself to Him.
If a child gives in to selfishness, he will find it to be the most enslaving tyranny on earth. There is no power within the human soul itself that is capable of breaking the bondage of the nature created by yielding. For example, yield for one second to anything in the nature of lust, and although you may hate yourself for having yielded, you become enslaved to that thing. (Remember what lust is—"I must have it now," whether it is the lust of the flesh or the lust of the mind.) No release or escape from it will ever come from any human power, but only through the power of redemption. You must yield yourself in utter humiliation to the only One who can break the dominating power in your life, namely, the Lord Jesus Christ. "… He has anointed Me … to proclaim liberty to the captives …" (Luke 4:18 and Isaiah 61:1).
When you yield to something, you will soon realize the tremendous control it has over you. Even though you say, "Oh, I can give up that habit whenever I like," you will know you can’t. You will find that the habit absolutely dominates you because you willingly yielded to it. It is easy to sing, "He will break every fetter," while at the same time living a life of obvious slavery to yourself. But yielding to Jesus will break every kind of slavery in any person’s life.I made this ATC yesterday but did not post it since it was my oldest sons birthday, and when I read my devotion this morning I thought they went together well. So the thought for today, "BE ALL YOU CAN BE, FOR GOD"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where were you in 1960 ?

March 13, 1960 My first child, a boy was born. I was only 16. I pulled this page out of the scrapbook that I made for him. In the top pictures he was 3 months old, in the middle pictures he was 6 months old, and in the birthday picture he was 3years old. We never really knew why he liked doing the pose in the last picture but it seemed to be one of his favorite positions.
So today he is 47, HAPPY BIRTHDAY son. wish we could be together. He is in Illinois and I am in Florida. Living so far away from my children is one of the hardest things in my life to deal with. I think the Amish have the right idea. There is a large settlement of Amish in central Il. and a place called Rockhome Gardens where they sell homemade items. Also a farm that you can visit to see how simple they live. The part I like the most is how they build several houses all together, one for the grandparents, another for mom and dad, then as the children marry they build one for each of their families. That sounds like a good arrangement to me. My husband and I have no living parents but we have 4 children with families so I guess that would be 5 houses on one piece of land.
So now you know what I was doing on March 13, 1960, how about you, was 1960 a good year for you ?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fly Me To The Moon

Yep, that's me sitting among the stars....on the moon! Our company left early Sunday morning and I didn't do much but play with making ATCs. I just could not get myself motivated. Last week was so crazy with yard work, cleaning, and getting ready for our guests that I had NO time for crafting or blogging. I had fixed a shrimp dish for our dinner the first night they were here. The table was set with fine china, flowers, and candles.
They had brought a wonderful carrot cake and I (without knowing what they were bringing) had made a big bowl of fruit, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, bananas, all so good for you.
Wish my camera had been working, my next mission, is to get it fixed.
The first ATC has a frame work made of a plaster substance, then the dragonfly was stamped on, the purple paint applied, glitter colors used on the dragonfly. I trimmed the whole piece with a fabric flower trim.
The second ATC I did because that song was going through my mind all day and I knew I had the moon face so........the only thing is the blue and gold wings do not show up well. And of course the baby picture is of me.
So that's it for today, and since most of the day is shot I think I'll go outside where it is about 78, the birds are singing, the sun is shinning, and the hammock is calling me.I have a new magazine to read, if I do not fall asleep.
Do you have a favorite resting spot at your place ? Do you ever get to use it?
Sure hope so, BE BLESSED

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

I have not been in the house much in the past few days.... I did this over the past week end. Of course my cat inspired this thought as she spends a great deal of her time looking out the window at the birds. And boy do we have a lot of them. We have three bird feeders hanging in the trees in the front and side yard where we can watch them from the front porch. Our yard has been in need of some fill and over the past week end we had a few yards of top soil brought in. So now you know why I have not been in the house. All of that had to be spread out and then treated and finally grass seed put down. Now comes the fun part, trying to make the birds understand this is not their own special smorgasbord. I filled all of the feeders and moved them away from the area, hopefully that will help.

We have three acres so there is always something to do in the yard. I really enjoy it and hope to get some things planted before it starts to get hot. We are making some changes in our driveway area, cutting out a new place to back around so we will not have to go on the grass. I plan to take some pictures and will try to post them in the next few days.

I guess by now we are all ready for spring, I know a lot of you have said you can't wait to get out in the dirt. If that is the case with you I hope you are having some beautiful sunny, warm days and finding the time to get out and enjoy. Officially spring starts on the 20th but here in north Florida I think it is here now. BE BLESSED

Friday, March 2, 2007

99 Year Old Magazine

The latest spring fashions: What do you think ladies, is this something you would like to add to your wardrobe?

You could purchase this magazine for $1.00 a year when it came out. It was published by The Butterick Publishing Co. It not only had the latest fashions but was full of articles and recipes. There is no color in the magazine, only on the cover pages. It has some very interesting advertisement. The women of that day, as today were always trying to find some beauty secrets. I read an article called, "How to Look Younger than You Are". Some of the paragraphs titles were, A Fretful Face Always Looks Old, Simply Rules for a Beauty Rest, Fresh Air is All-Important. Why ladies did you know, using your chin to help position the veil of your hat causes wrinkles? I like this one, The woman who will always remember to keep the corners of her mouth extended upward, instead of permitting them to droop--who will never allow a frown to come between her eyes---will be able to preserve an expression of youth and cheerfulness all through life.
Although I love the fashions of that day ....I'm sure thankful that is not what we are wearing now, how about you?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Relax and refresh

Put on some good easy to listen to music and make a good cup of tea, find a comfortable place and enjoy. My friend Janet told me about this tea, oh yea, I'm hooked. I have always used sugar in my tea but this one has a natural sweetness so you don't need to add anything. On the back side of the tea bags there is a quote. This one said, "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely, " Rodin (1840-1917) So now that I am all relaxed and refreshed, I can get busy and clean the house...we are having company for a few days.
This music page is a 4x4 collage, I could not get it all on a regular ATC. So what do you like to do to relax? Have you taken any "me time" as my daughter calls it? Remember to TAKE TIME TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. This was one of my mothers favorite things to say to me, boy did she know her girl.