Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Birthday Gift

This is the pillow I mentioned in yesterdays post that I made and gave to Laura for her birthday. The back is a pink velvet. I believe you can click on the picture to see it larger. It started with a piece of muslin, I laid out a lace handkerchief, it got tacked in place then other handkerchiefs were cut and the corners were used. Some trim, a few antique buttons and that pretty much does it. It was a lot of fun to make but for me the best part is the designing, choosing what I will use and then laying it all out. Anyone want to team up that likes to sew but does not like to put it all together ? I'm going to make one for myself, It will probably be in blues. I also made her a pin cushion teacup and embroidered a table scarf with roses and butterflies on each end. So there you have it, Laura's HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura & Mia

When my oldest daughter was a year old I made a yellow and white dress and gave her a yellow rose....she tried to eat it! When she was two I gave her two roses, she smelled them to death! So over the years on each birthday she would receive a rose for every year. I did this until she was sixteen, they are in the box on the table where she is opening the card. Now it is 46 years later, she is a wife, a mother, a grandmother to Hannah, and Daniel, the last picture is of her with her daughter, who is her only child.
I do not know why blogger is being so "hard to deal with" today, it took me FOREVER to get these pictures to download and I finally gave up on adding a picture of the pillow I made for this special event. Maybe I will be able to come back later and add it. I'm so sorry I can not be with my daughter on her special day but since I am in Fl. and she is in Il. it is just to far. Maybe next year. I was able to go up there last year but this year I went south to the Keys for Mia's 7th, it was quite the party, they had a huge blow up water slide, lots of kids, lots of parents, lots of food and a big cake, what a fun time was had by all. I made it home just fine in the usual 8 1/2 hours
Thanks to all of you that were praying for me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Headed South

Dear Friends in Blogland,
No pictures today as I am short on time and for some reason can not download the two pictures I wanted to. Maybe when I get home from the Keys and have more time. We went to our little local Pioneer Day festival downtown in the park. It was a beautiful day, almost all of the booths were things like woodworking, candles, fudge, things for the kids to play on, lots of different foods, and some great music. The parade was ok, (very small town) and the subject of my photos, one of the bagpipers and one of miniature horses pulling a wagon. I had intended to get a few shots of the crowd and the booths but it just didn't happen. Our park has huge old oak trees and a few things of interest I might just take some pictures there when I get home.
I am leaving very early Thursday morning for a few days in the Keys. Our granddaughter will be having her 7th birthday and I want to be there. I plan to be back by the 23 and will try to post then. Please keep me in your prayers, it is about an eight and a half hours to get there.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Paper Dolls Galore

Yesterday I went to the Lavender Loft to see my friend Janet, she was still on the mountain top or somewhere....contemplating her navel sooooo I had a little time to look at some other sites.
First I went to " Let the beauty we love be what we do" and from there to " Hazelruthes" and that is where I spent most of the morning. She had so many different leads to paper doll sites, it would take days to see them all. Well my printer was screaming "ENOUGH" and I think I must have used almost a whole ink cartridge but I sure had a lot of fun and hopefully lots of new ideas as a result of all the great images I was able to download and the best part, it was FREE . So if you like paper dolls and have LOTS of time, check it out.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Could my name be Alice?

Who would like to come for tea? Collecting tea cups and teapots has been a passion of mine over the years. This however is my favorite set and the only set that has plates to match. It is made by Royal Doulton and is called the Brambly Hedge Four Seasons. If you click on the picture I believe you can see more of the details. I am so fond of the whimsical characters with all of the flowers and berries.
This is going to be a very busy month for me. I have been working on gifts for our oldest daughter Laura, her birthday is on the 23rd as is M. our granddaughter that I made the horse items for a few weeks ago, I posted them if you care to see them just scroll back a few posts. I plan to go to first Saturday market this week-end and our annual craft fair is at the park downtown next week-end. A trip to the Keys will be coming up around the 18th soooooooo I do not know how much blogging I will be able to squeeze in. So would you like sugar or maybe some lemon with your tea?