Sunday, December 30, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the kittens

The black kitten is a Tom, he can really dish it out but his sister has no problem with holding her own. I know in these photos it looks like he is winning but trust is pretty much tit for tat.

This sister looks all laid back but she is just as rough and ready as the other two. Of course we have our quiet, don't I look sweet moments, and believe me that is just what they are, moments. I don't know if we will find homes for all of them or not but if we do not I may need to get a job, they sure can eat. So there you have the latest pictures on the kitties.

Christmas Day and kittens

This road winds down to the river....We had company at Christmas and they wanted to see the Suwannee. The river is about three miles from our place so we all loaded up in the van and took off. They also wanted to see our town, Mayo, that took about five minutes. Next picture is the final destination.
Talk about a peaceful place. It was a great place to take some pictures. They took several of us and we took some of them and their dog. Everone had a fun time. Then it was back to the house to eat AGAIN!!!!! I think all I did for two days was cook and clean up. I really didn't mind as everyone gathered around to talk while all the preparations were going on.
This last picture is of two of the three kittens we have left, trying to get to their momma......I know sad huh? They are seven weeks old now and must be weaned. I have had good reports of the other two that found new homes, we also have a couple of prospects for these guys. Hopefully we will soon have an empty nest. I have managed to get some really good shots of them and I may put about four on my next post. If I do not get it done before the 1st. Everyone have a HAPPY and BLESSED NEW YEAR.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter in N. Florida

I'm sure if this picture is clicked on it will enlarge for more detail. This is the last area that I have finished. I am working on a walkway that steps down, each landing has bricks layed. Only two steps have been finished so I will wait until I have at least two more done before I take any more pictures. This is why people move to Florida I'm sure. Today the sun is shinning brightly and it is almost 70. We have three children still in Illinois, all the way from the top of the state to the middle to the south east. They have all had freezing rain, and snow to deal with......
Yuck, no thanks. For all of you that enjoy skiing, snow mobiling, etc. have a great time, I'll watch from inside by the fire with my cup of hot chocolate. I'll take working in the yard to snow activities any day.Kitten up date with pictures to follow in a day or two.
Hope everyone is ready for Christmas, if you are not ready by now, well you just might miss it.
My next post will be a picture of L. with "his" cat, she is wearing her Christmas hat, check back later, it is a hoot!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 Babies Leaving Home

Tomorrow is a big day, this little guy will be going to a new home. Is he ever going to have it made. He will be able to go in and out of a new beautiful home on the river. He will also have four other cats to watch over him. His new "mommy" is going to spoil him rotten. He even has a name, it is Manxwell.......ahhh is that clever? The other picture is of the other male kitten and he is not leaving but his sister that looks a lot like him is. The big difference between them is he has the longest tail, about two inches, she has no tail. She will be going to keep a lady in a wheel chair company and to be played with by a little girl that picked her out for her aunt. They have name her Angel. So there you have it the latest on the kitties. 2 down and 3 to go.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yo Yos on the tree.

If you do not want to make a quilt or a pillow, put your yo yos on some ric rack and string them on the tree or hang them from the mantel. I wish I could take credit for this idea but I must confess I saw it on another blog. I also like the idea of covering a basket with them, like the one here. I'm sure some of you out there can think of some other ways to use them. I would like to hear them.
I've also been busy making more necklaces, maybe I'll post a picture later. Tomorrow will be the fifth week for the kittens, the time is sure going by fast. They are really showing their own personality. We still have not decided what we are going to do with them, I know we are being silly and to protective. We worry about them not getting a good home. We figured it out and if we keep them all it is going to cost about $400.00 to have them all fixed, not to mention food and flea medicine................WOW !