Saturday, October 11, 2008

Annual Event

This will probably be the one and only post for Oct. We will be leaving on a trip to Illinois this week and I will not be home until the end of the month.

Today is our annual Pioneer Day festival, held in the local park downtown. I was unable to get photos of the art work, and I did not want a picture of the "crowd" so I took one of the old cabin and the big oak trees, laden with moss and ferns and the two items I bought.

My favorite is the old lady....she has a clay face and pots but her clothes appear to be papier-
I would love to try and construct something similar, just might be my next project. I also bought a handcrafted shelf made out of cedar. This man also made bookcases, benches, etc. I got his card as I would like to order a bench made for the yard or a table for the porch.
Hope everyone has a safe and not to "spooky" Halloween. I will be back the first week of Nov.