Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Possum

We bought our house in the country on 3 acers in 2003. I came up first and was here by myself for the first year. My daughter and granddaughter came up during spring break that first year. Mia was a little over 3 years old. Since they were going to be here for Easter we decided to color eggs. The three of us had a lot of fun and came up with some pretty wild looking eggs. We did one dozen. The plan was to hide the eggs for her to look for the next morning. Since I knew she would be getting up early I thought the best thing to do would be to slip out and hide the eggs before it got day light. Now bear in mind, I'm not use to the country and the critters that live in the country.
As I knew she would, she woke her mother up at the break of dawn, full of excitement, wanting to go look for eggs. Now remember she is only 3, so her mother is helping her and I am trying to steer them in the right direction, after all I'm the bunny that hid the eggs. She found four eggs, but that was it---I showed her mother where I had put some, but no eggs. Oh no, something had gotten the eggs, Mia started to cry.
I remembered seeing a possum on our front porch a few weeks back and when I went out to chase him off he ran into the woods. I said, "let's go check it out". Sure enough, just inside the tree line we found egg shells, LOTS of egg shells.
Now Mia was mad, "that stupid possum, got my eggs". So it was time for a lesson on sharing. When I told her how hungry the possum was and how nice it was of her to share her eggs it seemed to be ok. Moral to this story, don't hide your eggs in the dark.


Susie said...

Hi Gail,
What a cute story. I'll remember not to hide my eggs in the dark! :)
Happy Easter..

"Early Bird" said...

What a great Easter story!
Happy Easter to you and yours!

judie said...

Thats a really cute story Gail. Betcha your granddaughter will remember that forever!