Friday, April 23, 2010

Making pin cushions for a show

These pictures are all out of order and I am to tired to fight with it. Some of these have a few last minute details to fix, a tuck here and a stitch there but for the most part they are finished. I did all four today. I will be taking them to a craft show right before mothers day, along with some polymer clay beads, and some other things that will make good gifts for the ladies.

Trying to keep my mind off of April 21st. Twenty five years ago today my mother left this earth. They say time heals and it does but it does not make the memory go away. Some years are worse than others, for some reason this year has been real hard. If you have lost your mother and you were close you know what I mean. If you still have your mother you should cherish the time together and let her know how much you love her.***************************************************************************

So the nest is empty again, daughter and her husband have gone back to Illinois after a brief stay with us. We packed a lot into those few days. I am waiting on some pictures to share, we had a day in St. Augustine that was a lot of fun.***********************************************

Of course these pictures are out of order.....the first one and the fourth one are the same.

I wanted to show the tops of these two so you could see the fabric better, it might require a click to enlarge to see it better.
We are having absolutely the best spring weather that anyone could have and I am really enjoying it. I hope wherever you are it is just as nice.
Be BLESSED and THANKFUL for each and every day.


Janet said...

Great pincushions! I have the one you made me sitting right on my table where the sewing machine is....and it's full of pins!

We're having great weather too. I'm sure you're out in the yard enjoying the day.

Shopgirl said...

I love these, what a wonderful and really sweet idea. Everything old is new again...and another meaning!
It looks like you had fun, Hugs, Mary