Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The yard, cats and some art.

This is part of our back yard...the wisteria is really full this spring, I just wish it would last longer. You can not see the vibrant purple color in this photo, the dogwood is also in bloom. How can you not like spring?

Did another two pages in journal #4. The gold paint almost looks like ripples or wrinkles.

These are my three out door cats, this is Salu on the rail, and Buddy is the black and white one, and Sweetie is the manz. This is our "needs to be cleaned" front porch where they all like to hang out. The porch is on my "to do" list.

Last this is another piece of material I have been painting on. It will be folded in half and the right hand side will be the front. I sewed this picture of a lady on and will use the sky to write on. I am not done with it but just wanted to let you know, no matter how much yard work and house work, THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR ART!

This just might be my last post for awhile, as our daughter and her husband will be here in less than two weeks, guess with that thought I better get busy. BE BLESSED and enjoy spring.


DJ said...

Great photos. BTW, Have you painted your cats before? They look like willing models that would work for a snack. :-)
As for the painting on cloth, can't wait to see the finished product...

Janet said...

You're so lucky to have wisteria! I love it. Your yard looks great.

Did you paint the leaves along the side of that one page? They really look pretty. And I love the painted fabric piece. Just beautiful!

In that photo Salu looks a bit like LuLu!!!

Shopgirl said...

The wisteria is lovely and you captured it so well. I have been working on our family history, but I really did do a post today.
Love your cat pictures too. You have a real little family there.
Hugs, Miss ya, Mary

ChrisJ said...

Love your cats especially. Wish I could make mine an outdoor cat, but we signed a paper to say he would be indoors only -- and there are coyotes not far away.