Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time in the Yard

It won't be long now, yum, home grown tomatoes.
These really will be "vine ripe". Don't you just love it in the stores when they say that and the very tomatoes they are talking about are still green? However we, or maybe I should say HE, since my husband insisted on putting so many plants in this small space that we had allotted, will know better next year.

When we moved up here from the Keys we brought several sea shells, coral rock, glass floats,net and all of the stuff you see to decorated homes by the seashore. We are a good two hours from the ocean but I have a small place in the yard that holds all of the nautical items.

This is just a few of the beautiful roses that are on a bush that our daughter bought when she was up here for a visit two summers ago. As you can see it is almost to the top of my clothes line post. It had about twenty roses on it at one time.

This is our lazy Manx, trying to catch a nap under the rocker on the front porch. When I called her name, she rolled over and looked at me as if to say,
This better be important" !
So not much in the way of art going on here, maybe when it gets a little hotter and I feel I must stay in the A.C. Hope you all are being creative and having fun.


Janet said...

I want some of your tomatoes!! The ones we get out here taste just like cardboard!

Shopgirl said...

Gail, you almost have tomatoes...Oh Yummmm! We can't even plant yet, it is still to cold and there is snow still falling in the mountains...not fair!!! I am with Janet, the ones in the stores are pretend tomatoes, fakes!!!!
Love ya, Mary

Cat said...

Your tomatoes are WAY ahead of mine! We're still getting some pretty chilly days and nights here.
Have a good weekend!

judie said...

Gail, I am thinking fried green tomatoes. They look just right! Yum!

DJ said...

Wow, I can SMELL those tomato plants! That means SUMMER!
I love the plant in the seashell; a definite beach-lover here.
And the photo of your furry baby is a great shot; beautiful coloring and cute personality!
Looks like your summer will be a happy one...

ChrisJ said...

Cute cat picture! I also love the seashell and Lobelia. Great idea.

Λίζα said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE your cat!!!!!It's wonderful!!!!!!!I have a cat, too...I'll upload photos one day...please check my uploads.... ;))))