Monday, July 30, 2007

Can you say to much going on...

Clay and paper, boy am I having fun.I guess most people do this sort of thing when they are children, so I'm a 60+ a few years young kid...... The flower, butterfly, broach, and purple beads (that are not finished) are all made out of clay. The tube beads are all made out of paper. The necklace and earring set is my first project. Most everything I do is trial and error and it is pretty obvious which bead came first. This is one of those things that you definitely get better at the more you make.
I was making some biscuits yesterday and since I had to have the oven on I said to myself, I have time to roll a few beads, I mean since the oven was going to be on I did about 20, and they looked GOOD all the same size, and some times that is the hardest part. Well would you believe I was in such a hurry to pop them into the oven I forgot to turn it down, Oh yea! I burned them...have you ever seen a burnt bead? they turned out brown, maybe I'll think of a way to use them. NEVER through anything out!! Right?
Well since I cannot figure out how to be online and mow the yard at the same time I guess I had better get off here and go mow before it gets to hot, it is already in the mid 80's out there.
So how many of you have made clay beads ? Have any tips you want to share ? I need all the help I can get...........ok time to hit the yard.


Janet said...

Burnt beads and biscuits....yum!! I couldn't help it. I just had to say that. But then you know me. Burnt things in the kitchen is an ordinary day for me!!!

Now about the beads. I think they look great. What could possibly be wrong with them....they're purple!

Cat said...

Good idea to double use the oven! I try NOT to turn mine on as much as possible with this heat wave, but then.. it get's too hot to bar-b-que outside!

I've not made clay beads yet!

Have a blessed day, Cat