Friday, August 17, 2007

Bedazzled Birthday

This is the cover on a birthday card I received from a dear friend I have not seen or even talked to in a very long time. She lives in Tn. and works two jobs so I never know when to call, anyway the inside says
"Remember to LOOK and FEEL younger, the right ACCESSORIES can make all the difference!!!

Is that a hoot or what?

Yes I had a birthday last week, I'll just say I was born in 1943, it seems less painful than saying the years.

What is real funny about this card is the fact that I have been into making beads and restringing old beads and just lost in BEADS lately but my friend did not know this, which made this even more special. I had a real fun day, went out of town with friends to go to the antique shops....they bought my lunch and I bought two red glass bowls to go with my antique red dishes. Then we went to a HUGE Hobby Lobby, what did I buy ? Beads of course!

My honey took me out to an old B&B for dinner, and gave me money to spend on E-bay. I received cards and calls from family and friends, so all and all it was a very good and blessed birthday. I also got a new do, had my hair cut SHORT ----hopefully I will be able to get a halfway decent picture to share with you. Have you ever tried to take your own picture, I tried with the digital, well all I can say about that is if you need a good laugh, try it some time, after about four tries I gave up. The best one was a great shot of my nostrils. Oh well this is it for now


Cat said...

I'm laughing at this picture! I would need a whole lot more beaded accesories to hide my age than that!!!


Janet said...

LOVE it!! That is the best card I've seen in a long time. And she's wearing PURPLE!!!!

Susie said...

That card is a hoot! Happy Belated Birthday Gail! Sounds like you had a very special day.

Betzie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Gail!
OH MY...I just LOVE that photo...don't think I could be that brave though!
Beads are addictive for sure!! Here's a great site that I found for some...not too expensive and the owner is real descriptive about each one!
Have fun! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby around here!