Thursday, September 13, 2007

Current Project

As you can see, I have a "helper". Her name is Salu, which is a Hebrew word that means, God restores. She has a hearing problem but I know God can fix it. She is a good cat that found us when she was a small kitten, we think she followed our big black and white cat we call Buddy. We think we know where they USE to live but when I went over there to ask if they were missing a black & white tomcat, they swore he WAS NOT THEIRS. Well with about 40 cats running around why would you miss one ? So we adopted them, had them fixed, and they are very healty and happy here. Our current count is 1 in the house, 4 outside, 1 of which came up here with us and is 23 years old and the other 3 are the ones that "found us".
So back to the project. This top picture with Salu is a new path that leads to our well. When I finish with it, it will have pine bark and big rocks on both sides. The bottom picture is going to be a new path that will lead out to the area where you see the rocks...there is a BIG hole there, the path will step down, the sand that is being removed from the path will go into the hole to help fill it part way up. The idea is to finish with a sunken garden. Thanks to my friend Janet, after some brain storming she said, "why not do a sunken garden"? So there you have it and now you know what I will be doing over the next few months. This morning I cleaned off the craft table, and do not think I will be starting anything new for awhile. I am finishing up with two things I made for my granddaughter, Mia that just might be my next post......till then, BE BLESSED


Janet said...

I can't wait to see photos when you get finished! Your back yard looks great and all those trees must give you some nice shade when it's hot. Can I come over and use your swing??

Susie said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a helper on a project like this? She's a beautiful cat!