Thursday, September 20, 2007

Common and not so common

What a wonderful surprise this little beauty was. Why a surprise you might ask, the answer, I did not plant it. I did plant all of the other plants in the circle around this tree, however I did not plant this red one. I noticed the stems coming up and thought that it was strange as I did not recognize it but decided to leave it alone and see what might happen. Can you believe it has taken it three years to show up? Maybe I have little fairies coming in the night and planting? And the other beautiful thing I have to show you is this picture of a flower that someone sent to me.

Have you ever seen a flower like this before?
It really does look like a parrot...........


Betzie said...

Such an unexpected blessing...the best kind!
And that parrot flower...I have never seen one before. That is amazing, even the colors are spectacular. Thanks for sharing!

judie said...

Beautiful parrot flower, Gail. I have seen them before; had them on my blog a long time ago. I had planned to paint some, but never got around to it. Amazing flower, thanks for sharing!!

I tried to email you but it came back...musta changed. xoxoxo