Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm BEAD befuddled !!!

Where have I been and WHAT IN THE WORLD have I been doing....I can sum it up in one word BEADS! Be careful what you ask for. I had made several sets of polymer clay and glass beads and I thought it would be nice if I could sell some of them. I thought about an etsy account but I do not know the first thing about how to start one, I thought about consignment but felt like after I gave them a cut I would not be making enough to make it worth while. Then a friend at my church said, "get some together and I will take them to work with me, I work in an office full of women"
So I got busy and made display cards, and business cards, and sent her off with five sets.....they all sold and people want more and they are asking for special colors and can I make bracelets ????
This was suppose to be a (fun thing) to relax with..,mmmmmm not so much anymore. Maybe I'm selling them to cheap? $20.00 a set what do you think? CLICK ON PICTURES FOR A CLOSER LOOK.


ChrisJ said...

But they are very beautiful! Even so, I know how you feel. I do ATC's and you're supposed to trade them, but that takes all the fun out of it. I do it just for fun. I have made over a hundred. They're just something to do in the evenings.

Betzie said...

Nice Gail!!! Neat that you actually made the beads yourself too! I love your hangtags, cute!
Have fun with them!

Shopgirl said...

You have been a busy girl. They are beautiful....a lot of work too.
Just do what you can do so it doesn't take the fun out of it.
I was so glad to find you had left a comment. Take care of you, Hugs, Mary