Monday, November 3, 2008

Looks like a hurricane !

Of course these pictures loaded backwards? We had a lot of trees toooo close to our house, so we had a man come and take out a BUNCH of them and top the rest. Now that's all good but the bad part was he said he would cut us a deal if he did not have to remove what he cut.....well what you see on the ground here is just a small portion of what we have to deal with. We will be cutting and burning for a long time.
As you can see here, these were way to close to the house. If they had been a nice hard wood with good roots it might not have been a concern, but these trees are water oaks. They are known for limb breakage and they have no root system so they can pretty much fall over whenever they decide to.

Three of these came down, and the rest got topped. This is just the front. We had seven removed on the side and three topped. And in the back, we had some really BIG trees with limbs that hung over the well, and some that were going towards the house, so they had to come down. We are giving away firewood---- we have had two people come get some and there is still a lot left. If you live close to me and need wood come on over, we'll load you up! All chain saws welcome. I will try to get out there today to take a few "clean up" shots. All of this FUN COST US ABOUT $900. I would hate to think what it would have been if we would have let him clean it up!


Betzie said...

Wow, you do have your hands full! Tree guys are not cheap!!! We've had our fill of them too here. And clean up is not their favorite part of the job that's for sure!
Glad your house is okay! Hope you feel better!

Shopgirl said...

Tree trimmers are so costly. We have had some done here and they are happy to leave a mess. We do burn wood, but it has to set and dry out before it will burn good.
We have one that has grown under our barn that needs to come out. It is going to cost a bundle.
I was so glad to find you today, I always check on you.
Sorry you have all this work....
Hope you are doing well, I am forever faithful to coming by,

Cat said...

I looks like trees grow like weeds there! We're trying to get a few trees to grow up around our property.

Smiles & Blessings, C