Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I did it !

I finally did it !

I opened an etsy account, tried to add it to my side bar but blogger said their gaddets button was not working ????

I used this picture for a border on my account.
I have three necklace sets for sale. Hope you will be able to see them here. http://Werna.etsy.com
Maybe tomorrow when blogger is feeling better I will be able to add the info to my sidebar.
Let me know if you find me, ok ?


Janet said...

Yea!!! I'll go over and take a look after I leave here. I haven't put anything in my etsy shop for soooo long. My cousin's daughter does really good on there. She makes hair bows for little girls.

ChrisJ said...

I like your banner photo of all the necklaces. Very colorful. Necklaces are about all the jewelery I wear, unfortunately I have so many of them (not expensive ones), that my students once had me bring all of them to school so they could take a photo for the year book. I did find you on etsy. Hope you do well.

Shopgirl said...

I know how this feels, you do look lonely...but etsy will be good to you because they know what goes into making things. They are beautiful...

I have done craft sales many moons ago, some times it was really good, and then there was the days when you just wanted to go home.
Big Hugs, Mary

Debbie in CA : ) said...

You did it!! I found your lovely necklaces so professionally displayed. I am praying you will find Etsy rewarding. My daughter makes beautiful things (oh the time it takes!!) and ponders an Etsy shop. I'll keep praying for you and taking notes for her. : ) Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration.

Cat said...

Yahoo! Congratulations, and may all the work of your hands prosper!