Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Summer is here! The house is shut up and the A.C. is on. I really like summer as there is so much to do in the yard. Because the river flooded the bugs are real bad, I feel so sorry for all those people that have suffered loss because of the flooding so I will not complain to much about the bugs. Here is one of our projects, we are putting up some lattice to hide the ugly water tank. I will take another picture when we get done.
The cats have run out of steam, they do not do much but eat and sleep, chase an occasional lizard. Very few of the lizards that live around here have tails. Hmmmm, wonder why? The only one on her feet is Sarah, our calico want-a-be, she is 25 years young and still going, the really fat one trying to groom herself is the Manz that had kittens about a year ago.The gray one is under the table and her "Buddy", that's his name also is the black and white one.

This is what has been keeping me busy for the past few days... the ones on the left are the old ones, the yellow ones are the new ones to replace the others. Sorry I didn't get the pretty part,( red ribbons and yarn) in the picture. These are bookmarks for the ladies of my church. There is a place to write their prayer requests on the back and then we turn them in and everyone draws one out and that person is the one you pray for until we exchange them again.
So there you have it, not a very interesting post but just a few of the things going on here. I have a show to go to next Saturday, going to try and sell some of my necklaces and then not only is Sunday Mother's day but our youngest son will be 46, his special day happens to fall on Mothers day this year as it did the year he was born, 1963.
Where does the time go?


Janet said...

Your pots of flowers look so pretty on the steps. Is that your front porch or is it at the back?

Love the picture of all the kitties! They look happy and content and well cared for. What would we do without our cats?

Shopgirl said...

Summer has not come to our town..we are lucky if it gets to
60. I did see a bug flying around this evening...not sure what it was. We have some more storms coming. Our weather will change over night. So anyday now we will be hot.
Your pictures are really fun, and I will be looking for the post when you finish your project.
Come see me when ya get a minute. Hugs, Mary

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Catching up with you too! Summer has not arrived for us yet . . . still much rain, but the gardens love it (even if the kitties don't). Your flowers are lovely (and bravo for covering up that tank).

Have fun celebrating two special days in one. Your son and I are but a year apart. : D

ChrisJ said...

Wish I could have four cats. My one and only is an indoor cat and his past sins from when we first had him still arise on warm humid evenings, in spite of many cleanings and soakings with miracle stuff. It was brand new carpet so there's no replacing it soon. So off to the pet store for more miracle stuff.

Isn't that lattice handy? We used it it to make a cover for our patio.

Glad you are still posting.