Friday, January 22, 2010

Second Journal

As I promised, some of the pages from the second journal. All of the art work is done for the most part... if I find a picture that I like I will add it to the top right hand side where the vellum is. It lifts up to show the verse and a place to journal. I plan to leave some places for daughter to write so it will be a combination of both our thoughts.
Since this was a book on orchids you will see several pages left pretty much like they were. Most of them have blank spaces for the writing. In this one we have granddaughter on the left and my mother on the right.

As you can see there is a lot of room on these pages to write or even add a picture if that is what she wants to do. This is my grandparents and myself in the bath.
This last one has a pocket on the right side, the picture lifts out and is on a gold ribbon so it is attached. Baby Mia in the basket on the left. The lined paper on the right is to journal on and there is plenty of space on the left side. I try to use light paint over the dark so it will be conducive for writing.
I will try to post a few of these every day till you have seen it all. It was a little hard to get going on this but once I did it came pretty easy.

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Janet said...

All the pages are great but I really like the "Joy" pages.

I just started a new art journal and I'm using an old decorating book. I like recycling old books. I like how you're leaving spaces for writing later on. Many times I make a page and then way later I think of something I want to write on it.

Today I'm making postcards.