Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Tale of a Different Kind

I have a neighbor that is a few years older than me and she loves yard sales, thrift stores, etc. as much as I do, so whenever I can I ask her to come along. We had just returned home the first Sat. of Aug. I was helping her out with her "new found treasures" when I heard a cat meow. Strange, she does not have a cat. I'm the one with all the cats, and not wanting any more. This strange little female, with no tale came out of the flower bed, she looked like she was starving, and like she had kittens, there was milk. I asked my friend if she was going to feed her----NO WAY said she! Then she said, "why don't you take her home with you"? Oh sure, like we need another cat. So I left, went home, told my honey about it, and before I could finish my story, there she was on our doorstep. Now let me tell you how smart this cat is, she went straight to HIM, meowing, and rubbing, looking up at him as if to say, "please help me"...He picked her up, looked her over,said I wonder what happen to her tail? Then he said, " I think she has babies and she is hungry" !!!DUH you think??? Next he said, "go get some food for her" wellllllll we fed her, she stayed, something happen to her kids, I was waiting for her to dry up so I could take her to the vet and get her fixed since my honey really likes her and started calling her (his cat), the only one we have that likes him best!!!! I told you she is smart. Well to shorten this tale a little......as it became obvious she was going to be a mom AGAIN and by doing a little math I knew her time should be about the first part of this month, so in the house she came, and sure enough, we have 5 wee ones. Now before these kittens were born we wondered about Sweet Pea's tail (that's what we named her, it was going to be Sweet Pig as she sure can eat, but that seemed a bit unkind) anyway we thought maybe her tail had been cut off...............that got settled when we saw the kittens, all 5 have no tails. So we have a Manx on our hands, and even though that is not the end of the tale, I'll stop here. There will be baby pictures later. BE BLESSED


Cat said...

Clever use of words, "to shorten the tale..."

I have a manx calico. She is a very stong willed cat. She had a litter once - 16 years ago - and 2 of the 6 were manx.

Sweet pea is very pretty with her tiger colors & strips. She must be very grateful to have a home now!

Susie said...

Hi Gail,
I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of the babies. We had a Manx years ago. His name was Mr. Stubbs!!

Shop girl said...

Good-afternoon Gail,
I am glad you liked my pumpkin story.
I love to take a object or whatever and make a story around it. Something I have done often. I think it is my Irish blood line.

What a wonderful gift, I think she is very smart to have snuggled up to your husband. Sweet Pea is a fun name, so cute. I haven't ever had a Manx, but I understand that they are not common like a regular cat. My Baxter is a very blonde tabby boy.
I can hardly wait to see her little family....wish I was there, I would probably fall in love with at least one and want to take it home.
I love the markings on Sweet Pea..Beautiful! Kittens are a warm snuggly. Mary

ChrisJ said...

Looking forward to seeing the kittens. Glad Sweet Pea likes your husband. Husbands need to feel special in a houseful of cats.

Betzie said...

Congrats one the babies! I had a manx cat once in second grade. The mom was pregnant(had a long tail) and my teacher found her on the playground. My grandmom offered to take her in and she had kittens without tails...so I guess the daddy had to be a Manx. We kept one, but it seemed to love our next door neighbor, so "Frisky" ended up over there instead. She was a widow and just loved her...a good match.
Have fun with the kitties!