Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cuddle Closer, It's Cold !

You will probably have to click on this picture to see much of anything......The babies are eleven days old today. They have their eyes open and are trying to walk around a little. I did not want to take a picture yet of them with their eyes open as I do not want to hurt them with the flash. I will try to get a better picture in a few more days. Three of them have a very short stub and the other two have an (almost) tail, about 1/2
inch long.I can hardly wait till they are all up and running around, I think!!!!
Nothing much else going on here, L is going to Winter Haven for a few days to play golf with his friend that winters there, I have a meeting tonight and church tomorrow and will be busy all day Thursday with hair appt. and some tests done at the heath clinic. Before you know it turkey day will be here and L has invited his nephew and his wife, I think they will spend a night or two, so it will be busy around here. I'll try to post again before Thanksgiving. BE BLESSED


Susie said...

What sweet babies. Can't wait to watch them grow :)

Shop girl said...

Gail, I am smiling and making that warm fuzzy sound I make with little creatures. They are so cute.
I love the little pink feet.
Is Sweet Pea a good mother...I bet she is feeling very loved right now.
I will be back...Kitten Love to you....Mary

ChrisJ said...

Cute little pink toes!

Cat said...

How sweet! I was noticing the pink toes too.