Saturday, November 17, 2007

Special Day

What a special day~ but then I have a SPECIAL friend that really likes to bless me. You just might have to click on this picture to see any details
There is a piece of cake and a candy (not real of course) made by Cathy T. Chavez. An angel for my van, a kitty mug (don't you just love the colors ?) and a very great collage. The card has a wonderful story about a teacup. And that's not all, can you believe a years subscription to one of my favorite magazines. So WOW!!!! am I ever feeling loved, and all the thanks go to my dear long time friend, Janet. THANK YOU !
p.s. the kittens are doing fine, really getting cute, a new picture will be coming in a few days.


Janet said...

You're the SPECIAL one!!

Susie said...

Lovely gifts :)
Happy Thanksgiving Gail..