Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day and kittens

This road winds down to the river....We had company at Christmas and they wanted to see the Suwannee. The river is about three miles from our place so we all loaded up in the van and took off. They also wanted to see our town, Mayo, that took about five minutes. Next picture is the final destination.
Talk about a peaceful place. It was a great place to take some pictures. They took several of us and we took some of them and their dog. Everone had a fun time. Then it was back to the house to eat AGAIN!!!!! I think all I did for two days was cook and clean up. I really didn't mind as everyone gathered around to talk while all the preparations were going on.
This last picture is of two of the three kittens we have left, trying to get to their momma......I know sad huh? They are seven weeks old now and must be weaned. I have had good reports of the other two that found new homes, we also have a couple of prospects for these guys. Hopefully we will soon have an empty nest. I have managed to get some really good shots of them and I may put about four on my next post. If I do not get it done before the 1st. Everyone have a HAPPY and BLESSED NEW YEAR.

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