Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 Babies Leaving Home

Tomorrow is a big day, this little guy will be going to a new home. Is he ever going to have it made. He will be able to go in and out of a new beautiful home on the river. He will also have four other cats to watch over him. His new "mommy" is going to spoil him rotten. He even has a name, it is Manxwell.......ahhh is that clever? The other picture is of the other male kitten and he is not leaving but his sister that looks a lot like him is. The big difference between them is he has the longest tail, about two inches, she has no tail. She will be going to keep a lady in a wheel chair company and to be played with by a little girl that picked her out for her aunt. They have name her Angel. So there you have it the latest on the kitties. 2 down and 3 to go.


Shop girl said...

Maxwel and Angel are going to have a wonderful life. And just think you took their Mama into your life and her children are going to make more people happy. It has worked out so neet.
The kittens are so may miss them for awhile.
Thank you for visiting, Grandchildren are a gift.
Hugs, mary

Janet said...

Love the bottom photo! It reminds me of Harley when he was little. He weighs 20 lbs now!! I'm sure Manxwell and Angel will be happy in their new homes....but you may have a little hole in your heart when they leave. They are adorable!!

ChrisJ said...

I'm no authority on this but as I understand it four white paws a white triangle around the nose area and white underbelly makes him a Snowshoe, which is what my Bailey is.
They are a recognized breed only about thirty years old and were produced from Siamese and American shorthair. But if he is real black and has no tail, that might disqualify him. I'm not into showing cats, but am interested in Snowshoes because I have one and they are not very well known. Whatever he is, yours cuter than a button!.. and I love that pose!

Susie said...

I just love photos of kitties, but that last photo belongs on a calendar or something. Just too too cute!

Betzie said...

Such pretty kitties...I know the feeling!!! You love them so much, but they wear you out and when it's time for them to find a new home, it's a relief.
I have to admit, I'm glad my pups are all in their homes now, and I'm not the one doing the housetraining!!!
Happy Holidays Gail!

Anonymous said...
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