Sunday, January 20, 2008

Antarctica-----in the house?

This is an Antarctica wave, Can you say bbrrrr? The water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice. I think it is amazing how the water froze in midair when the water comes in contact with air. Now it did not say what the temperature is here but I know it is colder than I care to experience. Some beauty was just meant to be admired from afar.
I found these pictures yesterday and I had intended to post them then but other things got in the way. This morning when we woke up it was below 60 in our house and getting colder by the minute. Upon doing some checking of our unit I found the fan had quit.....again. It did this last summer and we had a new one put on and thought that would be the end of this kind of problem. Why does it seem these things break on a Sunday? I did call the man that had fixed it before and he will be out tomorrow. In the meantime I am thankful we have a fireplace, space heater, gas stove in the kitchen, and last but not least an electric blanket on our bed. My husband HATES cold weather so we try to keep the bases covered. I'm just thankful it happen now instead of when it is 98 outside. I'd rather put a sweater and socks on than try and figure out how I can run around in the buff.....scary thought!
So with that I'll get off here and go warm up in front of the fireplace. BE BLESSED


Janet said...

Wow! You should be here. It was 27ยบ last night. And tonight it's probably going to be colder because the wind is just ripping!

Gorgeous pictures! And we have a fire tonight too. Stay warm!!

Betzie said...

Brrrrrr...gosh Gail, it's freezing here today too! I'd rather be chilly than too hot any day though. I feel like I live in a cave half the time, cause my hubby is fed up with the high electric/heating we keep the lights dim and the heat low! Sometimes I think it's the colonial days...LOL

Andy Frazer said...

The pictures are beautiful, but the accompanying 'story' is nonsense. There's no way it's cold enough anywhere on Earth (even in Antarctica) to freeze a wave that tall in mid-air. Also, those pictures look like they were taken in part of Antarctica that is over land, not water.

Gail said...

Ghee Andy, I don't know??? I was sent about 18 different pictures that said they were CALLED "Antarctica Wave" and I quoted some of the things they said
However I went back to see where the email had come from and sent a request to that person for more in-
formation...we'll see if they respond.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Gail,
Thank you sweetly for your kind comment today! Im glad I found you too, those photos are incredible. WOW... Thank you for sharing with us..Smiles

Shop girl said...

Gail, I think it is was 8 here this morning and 5 tomorrow morning...people have water falls here in there yards that are frozen in mid air. When my son was in Alaska in the Army, they couldn't just pee...they would be out on the ice for days and it was not easy to deal with. Spiting could hurt you bad.
Thats all I can share, but when it is a 125 below anything is possible.
Love the pictures

Shepard said...

Urban Legand, check it out..