Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Awesome photo

I just had to post this photo that I received on line. It was taken by a fire behavior analyst by the name of John McColgan. The fire was in the Bitteroot National Forest in Montana. I always get very sad when I hear of a fire out of control, burning miles and miles of trees and killing little animals. And to think that sometimes these fires are set intentionally. We just had a terrible thing happen in the middle of the state last week. They were doing a controlled burning in the Haines City area and it got out of control.
The bad thing about that was it was early in the morning and there was a very thick fog anyway but when that was combined with the smoke visibility became impossible. On Hwy. 4 there was a 70 vehicle pile up, several people were killed and a lot of others hurt. There was no way to see and the only way they could find people was to follow the cries for help. Let us remember these families when we are thanking God for all of our blessings.


Janet said...

I saw the report on tv about that big car crash in FL....terrible. We have problems around here with blowing dust that occasionally shuts down the freeway. Mother Nature is powerful!!

ChrisJ said...

Amazing photo. Such beauty and such terror! I heard about the big car crash also.

Shop girl said...

Gail, it looks like you could touch the fire in this!
We saw on the news about the fog and the deaths that was caused by it. Nature is wonderful, but sometimes it gets in the way of our sad. When I was a child living in the Valley of California we would get what was called Tully fog, and it causes deaths too. I thought of you, when I heard about the pile up...
Thank you for the prayers, I know that God is in control and that he will take care of our little Summit. Mean while I am cleaning like a crazy lady. Also on a mission to lose a few (more than a few) pounds. Not the best timeing.
Love, Mary
Love the beads!!!!

Cat said...

I heard about the fire/fog caused pile up in FL. Horible thing. Sometimes life gets heavy that way.

I remember this picture - my uncle has sent it to me right after that fire in Montana.

Hugs and blessings to you!

judie said...

Nice beadwork Gail. Did you know they closed I-4 again two days ago becuz of fog? Not taking any chances. There are still some underground fires burning.

Shop girl said...

You are so talented with beads..really pretty.
I have some good news...I did it, I got you on my list, it took a army of thought to figure it out. I am one of those that has to be hit over the head and spend hours of trying to understand. I kept putting my own URL in the spot!!!!yikes. I didn't even know what a URL was, but I do now!!!! Thank You so much for your help...I would still be fighting this unless I had your help...keep reading...keep clicking, keep going! I hope you are having a great day...Love, Mary