Monday, January 14, 2008

Making Beads Again

You will have to click on this to be able to see any details....I just did not want to fool with more than one picture. I do not know why it takes FOREVER to download pictures. Well now that I have the complaining out of the way! The set on the far left is the only one that has a bracelet. It has cubed beads. The next one I made for someone that gave me the antique green beads, it was a real challenge since there was only 6 of them. The green one has some crystal beads that came out of an old rosary and some cloisonne that I bought. The orange ones I bought on e-bay, except for the big bead in the very center. Last the blue one is some more that I found on e-bay, the ones with little flowers, the other cobalt ones I bought in a bead shop in Lake City. So now you know what I have been creating.
Sweetie went to the vet this morning for her surgery, so she can not be a mommy any more.... they will keep her for the night. I received a call to let me know she came through it all just fine.My son in northern Illinois is going to take the last two kittens, that is if his older brother that lives in southern Illinois will come get them. We are praying this all works out.
Now I think I'll go see what some of you have been up to...........BE BLESSED

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Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
Hope Sweetie is taking it easy tonight, poor baby. I'm sure you are ready for the kitties to find new loving homes.
Love your bargin and beads too!