Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Good Thing To Do When It Rains

It rained here today! I really had a lot of other things I could be doing BUT..... I did this instead. Now I want to find someone that can read these. Well maybe I don't, that might get a little scary. I really do not feel like the ones on the bottom are finished. They are all 3.5 square. I think I felt the need to play today as I will be very busy the next three days. We are having a women's conference at our church starting tomorrow and running through Sunday. In the morning I will be baking, then leaving home about 2:00, getting home late. Saturday morning I will be making a huge salad, and relish tray, then leaving the house by 8:30 (as in a.m.) mmmmm! That one will dismiss after lunch. I will also be in a skit, I'm a rose, complete with costume. If any of the pictures turn out, without me looking like I need to be locked up I MIGHT share them. OK I'm off to see if I can make up any of the time I lost today.


Janet said...

You've caught the "bug" too! I can't stop making these although I'm doing them on my ACEO blanks so they aren't official. I like all of them. They're very addictive though.

Have a good time at your conference.

Cat said...

Doodling is a terrific pass-time and release. And always interesting to look at. Your doodles are great!

Enjoy the Women's conference!