Friday, February 29, 2008

Crafts & Cookies

I'm safe in letting you see this project as the girl that I am making it for does not read my blog. She is my pastors daughter, Amanda. She will be graduating this year and I wanted to make her a pillow that she can take away to college. It has a picture of her as a baby and a senior. You can click on the picture for more of a detailed shot. This one will be different than the one I made last Oct. for our oldest daughters birthday, in that it will be oblong instead of square, and will have fringe on two ends instead of all of the way around. I will take another picture of it when it is finished.
And now for the other thing that has been keeping me busy.....
Oatmeal cookies, which is my hubbies favorite, but of course they must have raisins and pecans in them. I meant to add a pile of pecans to the picture but I forgot. This area is great for growing pecans and you can buy them from just about anyone, however several people in my church have trees so, I always just say, "thank you and praise the Lord" If I were younger I would plant a tree but I've heard that it takes about ten years for them to bear fruit. Besides that we have no more space in our yard for another tree.
Well if you were here I would make you a cup of hot tea and offer you a cookie, and read you this wonderful poem that Judie wrote. If you do not know what I am talking about go visit her blog, she is on my side bar, the first one, called Art and Other Stuff. It is a few posts back and I believe she is talking about someone in a nursing home.......LOVED IT JUDIE !


Janet said...

I'll just have a couple of cookies and a cup of tea while I sit here and look at that beautiful pillow you're making. I'm sure the young woman will love it and hopefully will appreciate all the work that went into it. The colors are so pretty....and all the little details. I still have the purple pillow you made me back in the

Shop girl said...

Your memorie pillow is really special. Like Janet, I love the colors, but most of all the love that has gone into this...your heart is so beautiful.
I am on a diet (lifestyle change) so I will just have a cup of tea. I love oatmeal cookies, I can smell them from here.
Big Hugs, mary

Cat said...

This pillow will be treasured forever! Very special gift!

Cookies - sure, thanks! No tea for me, just orange juice with cookies.

Have a blessed week, Cat

judie said...

LOVE the pillow Girl! You are so talented! Thanks for the nod, and I'd love some tea and cookies! Yes, the pink stuff is almost gone, I'm glad, because my bag of tricks is almost empty!