Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Then & Now

And of course blogger added the pictures in the wrong order----I wanted the black and white one on the bottom to be first and this one to be last. This first one is my cousin Joyce and her friend Dwight. They live in Illinois,they went to see some friends in Louisiana and decided to come on down to see us. They had never been in Florida. We do not live near the ocean or Mickey but we are in the central north part of the state, so there is not a lot to do here.Sitting on the porch relaxing and talking about the GOOD OLE DAYS!

This is us on our front porch. She is on the right just like in the picture below. In that one I am in the middle and her older sister is on the left. My parents and I had gone to there house for a visit. They have a younger sister that was not born yet. Their father and my mother were brother and sister. The two pictures under us girls are them when they were small.

Uncle Dean was looking mighty shy in the picture on the right. All I can say about that is he sure grew out of it. Don't you just live old photos?


Shopgirl said...

You are so cute, and so is your friend. I love that you are life long friends. Today although it was cold, the sky was blue. I see sign of spring here on our little farm.
I hope this High Tea turns our as pretty as I want it to be.
Take care of you, Hugs, Mary

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh CUTE!!!! I love the then-and-now pics.

Blogger tip: Load your pics in reverse order. If you need to move pics go to "html" tab and cut and paste to move them around. I add a space between each pic for easier identification. Isn't it fun to learn all thes new techie things? : D

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