Monday, March 16, 2009

Are you sick of beads yet ?

This is the two I just finished. The other three I made a few days back but I do not think I posted them. I have a goal to finish at least twenty sets before the show. I guess if they do not do as well as I am hoping I will have to open an etsy account or something. It is times like these I wish I lived in an area where there is an abundance of little gift shops that would take things on consignment.

There was some misunderstanding about my craft room and my computer room. They are two different rooms. This is my computer room, it is the room that I showed a few of my favorite things in. It is the one with the old post card wallpaper.
This is one side of the room and the next shot is the other side. It is the smaller of the two rooms. It is about 8x12 and the craft room, which is the room we added onto the back of the house is 12x28. It is also my laundry area. No matter how many rooms I have or how big they are I seem to have no trouble filling them up. Lord deliver me from STUFF ! Anyone else have that problem ? Double click with caution.....the clutter might be more than you can take.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Pretty necklaces. : D

Stuff?? I married a packrat and child #5 is a PACKRAT!! I like my stuff too but it has to be neat and manageable in quantity. I toss obsolete and give away excess. My two packies, however, don't know moderation. I love them, but their stuff?!?!?! . . . ugh!

(You have STUFF but it appears neatly filed and organized.)
Have fun making all those pretty baubles.

Betzie said...

Good luck with your bead sales Gale!!
I have way too much clutter. I won't let myself go antiquing any more! I need to at least organize mine or just sell or give away...the time has come.