Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess What I Was Doing 42 Years Ago ?

April 1st, 1967, nothing fancy, just a few promises, a ring exchange, and now I pronounce you man and wife. It was a Saturday and the only day my honey could get off of work, and it just happen to be April 1st. APRIL FOOLS DAY

We were not fooling as it has lasted 42 years and still holding.

This is a few pictures I dug up to share a little of our lives over the years. We were both real tired in the top left one, we had just driven eleven hours to get to his parents house in Springdale Ark. this was when we were first married. The one of me with a birthday cake was taken in Aug. 1971. The lower left hand corner was us in the early 70's taken in Wis. at the Playboy Club. Lower middle was taken in Ft. Pierce, Fl. in the early 80"s, A welding job had taken us up there from the Keys for about a month. Lower far right was taken in Miami at his cousins house where we use to go for Thanksgiving, 1988. The small one in the middle at the top was us at a party for the Lodge 2001, taken in the Keys.

This is us in front of a lake, taken at a friends house in Georgia in the mid 90's. This last picture of us is here down on the Suwannee River. It was taken about two years ago.

We had a great time at our friends house in Winter Haven. We ate out a lot, and Pat and I shopped while the guys played golf. A very fun and restful time. It is always fun to get away but I was very happy to be home. Like Dorothy said,"There is no place like home". IT HAS RAINED ALL NIGHT AND AGAIN ALL DAY.....Thank God for a very much needed rain. You can almost see the grass growing.

I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew
forth all thy marvellous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. Psalm 9: 1&2


Janet said...

Happy Anniversary!! I thought about it this morning and was going to send you an email and then I got sidetracked by Rick! I love all the photos.

Send some of that rain out here, ok!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Happy Anniversary!!

42 is something to cheer! My husband and I are approaching 25 this August. My how time flies.

I loved seeing the pics through the ages. You are a darling couple.

Happy today, happy tomorrow! Keep enJOYing life. : D

Shopgirl said...

Look how wonderful you are...thank you for sharing this time...I think it is the simple weddings that are the sweetist. I was married on a hot summer day in the county court, we had little money and we were in love, 45 years worth. You look so darn cute!!!!
Your, Mary

TattingChic said...

Happy Anniversary! How cool! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today!

That's is so neat that you have your grandmother's old tating shuttle. You are wondering what next? The book I had for the giveaway is available at
There are also free tatting instruction videos on You tube! It's important to have either a live person showing you or a video that shows how to make the threads switch places in order to make the double stitch. It's something that cannot be shown very easily in a written book.
The book I gave away had a free DVD with it! :)

Good luck in your tatting quest! Come back and visit anytime!

Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
Happy Belated Anniversary!!! So nice to see all of your photos...great memories.
You are so right as Dorothy was too...home is the best!!! xoxxo

Vintage Kitten said...

Great photographs, and you got married on April Fools Day LOL!Happy Belated Anniversary.