Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did you find all of your eggs ?

What did this furry fellow leave in your yard? Between the two bunny cards is a picture of my great grandchildren, if that isn't the sweetest pose ! This picture was taken by their grandmother out at her house. She only had one daughter so having two at a time can be a challenge.
They live in Illinois, can you tell by the yard? What a difference a few weeks and some rain can make. Everything is green and full of blooms now. It looks like that bunny is leaving some mighty pretty eggs these days.

Don't you just love these old post cards? Feel free to copy them if you want to. Our yard has been calling to me and there is so much to do I just can not get it all done. Maybe I will take some yard pictures tomorrow. Trust everyone had a BLESSED and Happy Easter.


ChrisJ said...

Thanks for you addition to my Easter blog: "He STILL saves!" Amen to that, Gail.
I do like your bunny cards.

Janet said...

Cute bunny cards and even cuter little great-grandkids!! You're way ahead of me on that score!

Cat said...

Sweet sweet G.GrandChildren!

And your Easter posts are awesome, as is our savior.

Hugs, C

Shopgirl said...

Glad your Easter was special. Two little cutie pies, love how kids get into Easter.
come by when you get a minute...Decorating the Fellowship Hall for the Tea Party.
Hugs, Mary

Shopgirl said...

Just had to come and say...love the lace you gave Janet...you are adding to her love of spray paint...hummmm!
Hugs, Mary