Monday, April 6, 2009

Our many cats

To much lunch, getting so fat it is hard to groom , maybe a walk, I could pick some wild flowers.... Boy can I relate! My neighbor and I was walking, going about two miles each time. Then life came along and got in the way. We were out of town for a few days and then I was busy trying to get caught up around the house and you know how it goes once you break the routine. Maybe tomorrow will be the day to get back in the swing of it. We did some yard work over the week-end, mowed for the first time this year. But can you believe it has cooled down and is suppose to be in the 30's tonight and even colder tomorrow night. Can you say brrrrr ? I thought that was all behind us but I guess not. Talked to our oldest this morning and it was SNOWING at his house. Well he lives in Illinois so what can you say.......So is spring ever going to get here?
These are our outside cats. The calico is 25 years old, yup that is what I said. She was born in the Keys in 1984. The all gray one is the youngest, she is deaf. The black and white one is the only male, he is my hunter, things like squirrels, moles, mice. He is a good boy. The tabby is the one trying to wash herself, she is a Manx. All of these cats except the calico were strays....we took them in, had them fixed, fattened them up, and gave them a good home. Hopefully no others will find their way to our door. Five is enough, we have one spoiled rotten one in the house, she has been on the blog before. She is about 12 and her name is Cat. The old one is Sarah, The gray one is Salu, the male is Buddy, and the Manx is Sweetie, and that she is.


Shopgirl said...

I want to get out my bike and ride, but just about the time I think spring is getting warmer we also get a cold spell. It will be hot before we know it.
I love these pictures of your cat family. They all have a story, so cute. 25 years is along time, no problem with the 9 lives thing. My Mother loved was her joy when one would have babies.
I am going back to bed for awhile, woke with a headache....
Big Hugs, Mary

Janet said...

Kitties, kitties, and more kitties! Is there anything better than the sound of a cat purring? You have a gray cat and a black and white cat and so do I.

Hope it's warmed up for you. We're having chilly nights but beautiful days.

ChrisJ said...

Love your cat photos. We've been away visiting my son, and picked up our cat from the kennels last night. It takes him 24 hours to get over it after we've been away. High maintenance cat -- doesn't like to be alone.