Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silver Lining

We are looking for that silver lining in our cloud. This picture was taken in Illinois a few weeks ago and sent to us from our son.
I'm so sorry I have not posted in awhile but I was waiting to hear from the biopsy and did not want to share what we heard. The first biopsy was done at Shands Hospital across the street from the VA because their equipment was down. The two smaller spots they found were benign and the doctor managed to completely MISS THE LARGER ONE......so we had to go through the whole thing again. This time it was done at the VA. Of course each time you have to WAIT to get the results. The second test was done last Wed. , we got a call today. The larger one is cancer.
We have to go in Frid. for a consultation. We were told that it is in a hard to reach place and that they might have to remove the whole right lung.
So all of you believers that know God and what He can do, please join your faith with mine and pray. God is faithful to his Word and nothing is to hard for Him. The more impossible it might seem to man the more glory God gets when there is a miracle. You might ask, "do you believe in miracles" ? Oh yes I do, I AM ONE. Thank you for your prayers.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I, too, believe in miracles -- oh YES I DO!

I will be praying right alongside you, sweet friend.

(I have missed you . . . it was so nice to see you at my blog.)

Keep your hand in the Father's as He leads you beside still waters in this very difficult time.

May God bless you both.

Much love and prayers,

Shopgirl said...

Gail, It is true that God doesn't give us more than we can handle...so we are stronger than we think. You have your faith and it will give you comfort. I will continue to pray for you both. Cancer touches us all one way or another. God gave us tools to fight this terrible illness...and God is with you.
I will be checking on you Dear Friend. Take care of you too, Mary

Janet said...

You know I'm always here for you. I hated hearing this news but I know you will get through it. I'm sending you a (((big hug)))

Cat said...

Gail, I am sorry you and your sweetie are going thru this, I do believe in prayer and in miracles, and I pray for healing.
Blessings, Cat

Shopgirl said...

Thinking of you, Love Mary

Shopgirl said...

you are thought of eveyday...Hugs, mary

judie said...

Sending healing prayers your way. And lots of hugs. I BELIEVE in the power of prayer!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Werna,
Thanks for visiting me back in early July. I just stopped by and read your post and I shall go and pray right now.
Bless you and may the Lord give you all strength and courage.
In His love,
Sandra in New Zealand

Shopgirl said...

Keeping you in my prayers...
watching and waiting for you.
Blessed to be a Blessing, Mary

Shopgirl said...

I am still here and thinking of you everyday. Mary

Betzie said...

Will keep you both in my prayers Gail and as my dad says, "pray without ceasing."
Miracles do happen and pray you both have strength and faith to carry you forward.Keep us posted!
Take care,
Betzie xxoo