Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Altered Book

Yesterday the 23rd. if my mother were still here she would have been 87. I would have baked her a chocolate cake, her favorite.
But no time for baking I'm scrapbooking AGAIN. I have torn an old encyclopedia apart as the cover was the size I wanted to use and it is real sturdy. First I covered the inside, the top picture.

Then I covered the outside, this is the back.
I put a clear pocket on the front so I can change out the pictures on the front whenever I want to.

Over the years we have had 20 cats and 4 dogs so we have LOTS of pictures. First I laid out all the pictures I wanted to use then made a list of their names and tried to keep them in order. So far I am about one fourth of the way into this project.

Here are a couple of the pages I have done just so you can get an idea how it is going to look. Well I think I hear stickers calling my name........Hope you are finding the time to do some of your favorite crafts and arts, and that you can do them INSIDE. Can you say HOT! up over a 100 degrees every day.


Betzie said...

Keep staying cool and having fun inside Gail! Looks like a great project!

Janet said...

Great idea! Love the "furry" pictures.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

So clever. Wow you have had a lot of cats!