Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Works

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern.
We went to the VA and had the staples taken out. Had an x-ray, blood work done and "honey" is doing GREAT. He has another four weeks of "doing nothing" it is time to pray for ME!
He did find out, the hard way, that you HAVE TO WALK, so every day he goes down the road to the corner, we live in the country so that is about three blocks, so by the time he gets back he is tired. He spends the rest of the day and night in his recliner, with the remote in his hand.....he has not been able to get comfortable in the bed yet.
I have been cooking three meals a day, and juicing carrots, celery, and apples, giving him all kinds of treats and special care. The worse part is washing the incision and checking it for infection. I have been pretty much housebound, but that has been ok as it has allowed me time to finish re-working a crazy quilt I made back in the eighties. When we lived in the Keys I had it stored in a closet and later found out that we had termites, they loved the quilt!!!
Ok, I'm off to find another project that needs to be completed, I think it might be the baby blanket I started for our daughter Lindessa, she was 40 last Jan. mmmm, think it's time ?


Shopgirl said...

There are no words, the picture is
worth a thousand of them. I know this has been a real hard time for him of course, but the care giver has some moments too. I will pray for you both as you heal.
And Thank God that he will be well.
Have a peaceful, Sweet Fall
Your, Mary
I have been kind of MIA this summer.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow There is nothing worse than a man who does not feel good. With having said that...I am so happy it wasn't cancer. God is definitely looking over Ya'll. Remember to take some time each day to rest and renourish yourself. I am sending up prayers of a speedy recovery.