Thursday, September 24, 2009

Before and After

Somehow I knew these pictures would show up you are going to get the after first. By after I mean, honeys surgery. Since we have been pretty much housebound I have found a different way of expressing my self. This was a book on Montana, size about 10 x 13 . So far I have covered the front and back and painted and collage eight pages. This is yesterday and today's work and is one of my favorites. I'm not sure if you can read about the apron or what I wrote, but maybe by clicking the picture.

Next comes the before surgery, when my pastors wife, her daughter and her mother and I all went on an antique hunt. All I bought was a piece of bark cloth. We had a great time. Tried two eating places, what you never do that? Had great sandwiches at one and even greater dessert at another. Saw a lot of "stuff" and this really neat old furniture. I would love to have this bed. And what a great buggy if you have dolls.

I deleted a picture here, it was of me sitting on this bed, there are windows and the picture had a bad glare that I did not see until I enlarged it. Sorry about that.

So that does it for now, I'm off to the kitchen to cook two hens as my part of a fund raiser at the church tomorrow. We are selling chicken and rice dinners, $5.00 and you get homemade cake. How many do you want?

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Janet said...

Beautiful pages....very romantic and nostalgic. And OMG....that bed is great!