Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking Back

This is one of my first attempts at creating some art with a message, using a combination of photos. The old house is a borrowed picture, the older
couple is my grandparents, the eyes belong to one of my grandchildren, the flowers are from our back yard and I do not remember where the butterfly came from. Making this was a lot of fun but very time consuming as I am still learning. Hopefully I will improve with time.
When I had finished it I wish I had included some type....the words LOOKING BACK would have fit at the top on the right....oh well, next time.


Janet said...

Yea!! It looks good. You're doing better than I am....I still haven't done anything with Elements. My class begins on Jan 4th so hopefully then I'll learn some things.

Shopgirl said...

Well, you did it, and you did it very well. I love the whole idea, and your Grandparents are adorable. They look a lot like mine.
Happy New Year!

ChrisJ said...

I do like the idea of art with a message. I have looked at many, many ATC's and come away wondering what am I missing? So I haven't attempted any of the usual collage and craft kind. A theme, or meaning or message might give the the impetus to try.

Maybe you shouldn't try putting words. Leave the viewer to study the piece and come up with her own message or decide what your message is. Oh well, there's my two cents worth. Have a very blessed New Year!