Monday, December 14, 2009

TREES,TREES now you see then, now you don't!

Well here are the pictures of the forest across the street from us. At this point they had already cut a big path down the middle but had left a few rows by the fence.
This picture was taken today, as you can see they came up to the fence, in fact so close that a tree took out our power line and we were without for an hour or so.

This picture I got out into the road and took the picture looking down the roadway. All of the nice trees you see in the background will be gone soon also. The good news is the owner is not going to sell the land for anything like a development......but the bad news is he is not sure what he wants to do with the land so it will probably not get replanted any time soon. I am so sad to see these trees go.


Shopgirl said...

Gail, this is sad. I am a bit of a tree hugger, so I find this awful.
Love, Mary

ChrisJ said...

So sad to see the trees go, especially if there is no good reason. We have many trees in Carlsbad,(for a city) tho' mostly semi tropical and eucalyptus. There are a few sugar maples -- or something like that and they are just now turning a deep red. Our fall comes in December!