Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love Color

The crayon box flew open and look what came out! As I have said before, we live in a wooden house built in 1945. This room is on the front. It used to be a porch. The fellow before us closed it in. He was not much on finish work as you can see by the drywall boo boo. It didn't show up as bad when the wall was beige, like the other three walls are. I really had planned to fix it but I bought this paint last week, woke up early yesterday and said, mmmmm I think I'll paint today. I JUST LOVE COLOR !

The real inspiration for this color came from the rug and a stainded glass window that is in the living room. We cut a bigger doorway into the living room when we moved in trying to open the two rooms up to each other more. I wanted to make the opening even bigger but the smarter one in the family said we couldn't take out any more of the wall. The rug in the living room matches the one in this room only it is larger.

This picture gives you a better idea of what I'm talking about. If I would have scanned it to the right more you would have been able to see the stainded glass window. Oh well so much for interior decorating. My yard is calling my name, we have finally had some rain and the grass needs mowed, now the question is do I want to brave the heat or let it go in hopes for some cooler weather? Maybe a goat or two, if they would eat only the grass but I wouldn't have a flower left in the yard. Goats are a big thing in this area and a lot of people have them, I think they are cute but I'm not looking for ANYTHING else to take care of, afterall I am retired.


Janet said...

I love that turquoise color!!

You are so ambitious! I'd probably opt for the goats!! Stay cool.

Betzie said...

I love turquoise too Gail!
Your home looks lovely and warm too.
I once had a goat take a bite of my coat! NO lie...so they are cute, but not for my yard. LOL
Take care..your haircut looks nice and cool.

judie said...

Gail, your home looks cozy and inviting and I love it. Thanks for sharing!