Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura & Mia

When my oldest daughter was a year old I made a yellow and white dress and gave her a yellow rose....she tried to eat it! When she was two I gave her two roses, she smelled them to death! So over the years on each birthday she would receive a rose for every year. I did this until she was sixteen, they are in the box on the table where she is opening the card. Now it is 46 years later, she is a wife, a mother, a grandmother to Hannah, and Daniel, the last picture is of her with her daughter, who is her only child.
I do not know why blogger is being so "hard to deal with" today, it took me FOREVER to get these pictures to download and I finally gave up on adding a picture of the pillow I made for this special event. Maybe I will be able to come back later and add it. I'm so sorry I can not be with my daughter on her special day but since I am in Fl. and she is in Il. it is just to far. Maybe next year. I was able to go up there last year but this year I went south to the Keys for Mia's 7th, it was quite the party, they had a huge blow up water slide, lots of kids, lots of parents, lots of food and a big cake, what a fun time was had by all. I made it home just fine in the usual 8 1/2 hours
Thanks to all of you that were praying for me.

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Janet said...

"L" looks so much like you. I love the photo collage. Sometimes blogger is just cranky!!