Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Headed South

Dear Friends in Blogland,
No pictures today as I am short on time and for some reason can not download the two pictures I wanted to. Maybe when I get home from the Keys and have more time. We went to our little local Pioneer Day festival downtown in the park. It was a beautiful day, almost all of the booths were things like woodworking, candles, fudge, things for the kids to play on, lots of different foods, and some great music. The parade was ok, (very small town) and the subject of my photos, one of the bagpipers and one of miniature horses pulling a wagon. I had intended to get a few shots of the crowd and the booths but it just didn't happen. Our park has huge old oak trees and a few things of interest I might just take some pictures there when I get home.
I am leaving very early Thursday morning for a few days in the Keys. Our granddaughter will be having her 7th birthday and I want to be there. I plan to be back by the 23 and will try to post then. Please keep me in your prayers, it is about an eight and a half hours to get there.


Susie said...

Travel safe and have a wonderful trip!

Cat said...

Have a terrific time, Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, and prayers for your safe traveling.