Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Birthday Gift

This is the pillow I mentioned in yesterdays post that I made and gave to Laura for her birthday. The back is a pink velvet. I believe you can click on the picture to see it larger. It started with a piece of muslin, I laid out a lace handkerchief, it got tacked in place then other handkerchiefs were cut and the corners were used. Some trim, a few antique buttons and that pretty much does it. It was a lot of fun to make but for me the best part is the designing, choosing what I will use and then laying it all out. Anyone want to team up that likes to sew but does not like to put it all together ? I'm going to make one for myself, It will probably be in blues. I also made her a pin cushion teacup and embroidered a table scarf with roses and butterflies on each end. So there you have it, Laura's HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Betzie said...

I know Laura will treasure this pretty and from your heart.
Be sure to share your next one too!
Blessings back to you...:)

Janet said...

The pillow is beautiful and I'm sure she will treasure it. I can't take you up on the challenge as I hate to sew!!

Cat said...

This is a heirloom! I'm sure it will be loved for many many years!

Happy Birthday to Laura!

Be blessed!

Shop girl said...
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Shop girl said...

What a wonderful gift and a real treasure...ME

Susie said...

It's just lovely. You did such a nice job with this pillow.