Monday, May 5, 2008

Bears & Babies

A few weeks back, several people were showing their dolls, toys, etc. and I was busy working in the yard. Well I'm still busy in the yard but thought it would not take that much time to take a few pictures of some of "the kids". Mind you this is just a few of my favorites, some live in a trunk so they are not on display. I guess I'd have to say the doll and the purple bear on the bed take first place. The doll belonged to my Aunt Helen who passed away several years ago and the bear was bought for me by our youngest daughter for a birthday present. Also in the bear group I have two Steiff bears, one is a nine inch and the other one is tiny, about two inches.

Betzie from TIME ENOUGH had some wonderful babies, I really enjoyed looking at her collection. Now she has some real babies, they have four legs and they bark, and I can hardly wait to see some more recent photos of them. If you have time stop on by and check them out.

Sooooo cute! You can get to her site by clicking on it on my side bar.

I really need to thank my good friend Nancy for starting this whole thing, she bought me my first Boyde bear back in 1993. I have since stopped buying as I am retired and, well I've run out of room. If you like looking at this sort of thing let me know........I have more.

You can see the dolls better if you click on the picture to make it larger.


Shop girl said...

I love your collection...the doll is beautiful, Of course I would love to see more. I bet it is nice to get out in the garden again. We are having a cold spring so I really haven't gotten into the dirt yet. But the Tulips are really pretty.
I haven't been very creative, painful cold that I got really knocked me out for awhile. I haven't cought the creative bug yet.

I go to a place called Living Waters. I think of it everytime I open your blog. it is a Christian Book store just up the road from me. They have a small cafe' and coffee shop. Furniture to curl up on and read while you sip a Lati'. It has become a little hang out for a few of us. It is really cute, and a fireplace too.
Big Hugs, mary

Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
Nice seeing you today! That was so kind of you to mention my blog. I loved seeing your dolls and bears. Collected the Boyds too years ago when my sons were little...
Just started working outside today! Have so much to do!!! You got a head start on me!
Pups are fat little butterballs now! Will try to post more pics soon.
Thanks Gail!
Betzie :)