Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Shelves are for Books ?

This first picture was suppose be the last picture???
You will figure it out as you read on. It is tooooo late for me to try and change this now.

This whole wall in my computer room holds four book shelves, five counting the small one. Each shelf has books on it, really they are there, behind all of my "favorite things". Now if you want to see some of these treasures you will have to click on the picture for a close up. All of my books are separated into different categories, art, antiques, crafts, but most of them are on different subjects pertaining to my Christian faith. A lot of study books, books written by the early founders, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. NOTHING fictional.
This would be a good time to add one more photo

It is another book, this one will find it's home in the kitchen however since it is a cook book. It came in today's mail, a surprise gift from my dear friend Janet, you all know her from the blog The Lavender Loft. It looks very interesting and has a fig cake recipe that I can hardly wait to try. We care take the property next door and they have given us rights to pick the figs and the blueberries. Now that is what you call a blessing, as was the book that came today. Of course a big thank you went out right away. I guess if I get any more books I just might have to move out some of the other stuff. I've always wanted a BIG old Victorian house with a library but I guess this is as good as it is going to get.........and yes I am about you?


Janet said...

I'm glad you like it. You have got a lot of books and even more other things on your shelves!! I recognized a few of the photos.

Enjoy the book....and send me a piece of the fig cake when you make it!!

ChrisJ said...

Isn't that annoying how you have to load the last photo first? I always struggle with that. I love the two vases with the birds on. I have been trying to find that video clip you posted a number of months ago of the Salvation Army Songsters singing a well known hymn but with a rhythm and an amazing pianist. Can you help?