Friday, May 9, 2008

Here Birdie, Birdie

All of these pictures will probably have to be clicked on to see what I am talking about. I was not able to get any closer, especially to the birds. I took the pictures out of the window in my computer room. This first shot is of our Manx cat that really does not want to get a drink but would love to catch a bird. I think she is going to get a new collar with a bell. Her name is Sweetie. The next picture is a beautiful yellow bird taking a bath and the last picture is of a Blue Jay and I think he is saying, "where did all of the water go and I wonder if I'll fit in this tiny thing"? That is why I added the larger tray of water that you see in the first picture. As I worked at the computer the other day I saw bird after bird come get a drink and take a bath. I filled that little one up about three times before I said, "this will never do" and added the larger one. They come one right after the other, small gray birds, big yellow birds, mocking birds, cardinals, and blue jays. I guess I need to get out my bird book and find out the names of the ones I'm not familiar with.

It is a wonder that we have so many birds since we have four cats outside. I guess the secret is feed the cats real good so all the want to do is lay around on the front porch and sleep.


Janet said...

I like the one of the blue jay best! It looks so huge!! We have a lot of birds, too, especially since Harley stays inside now! There's one that sits on the back fence every afternoon and serenades me. I listen for it every day.

Your yard looks so pretty with all the little paths. You've been busy!!

Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
My cat is a bird lover too. He's so proud of himself when he catches one and loves to show it off by depositing it on our doorstep. Ugh...
Great pics!

Shop girl said...

Your cat is really pretty....yes they do often hunt Birds...Baxter doesn't catch them, but he will set in the window and talk with them...I think he is not talking nice.
Love the pictures, and like Janet, the Bird is also special.
Hope you had a good Mothers day,
Hugs, Mary

artbrat said...

I think a bell on the collar is a good idea. Its lovely that you can see the birdies out your window. It almost looks like that could be a nest for the bluejay!