Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

I started this Rose of Sharon from a cutting two years ago. Last year it bushed out real nice but never had any flowers. You can imagine my delight when I saw all of the buds about a week ago. However my joy was diminished as soon as I spotted the huge spider living on the is as if it's web just connects up in the sky somewhere. I was very tempted to end its miserable existence but then I remembered that spiders catch bugs and bugs eat plants, soooooo it got a reprieve. Our three acres are full of all kinds of spiders this year. The worse part is trying to mow, if you have to go under any limbs you are sure to run into a web, I HATE THAT !!! I kill as many as I can with out hubby seeing me, he says, "leave them alone, they kill mosquitoes" well snakes kill mice but if I come across any guess what their fate will be? I think if you click on the first picture you can see part of the web coming down and attaching to the plant. Oh well from the kitchen window I can only see the flowers-----not the beast. I'm thankful for this plant that flowers this late in the summer when most everything else is spent by the heat. This week it FINALLY came down under 90. Fall is on its way and I'm sure glad, how about you?


Betzie said...

Hi Gail,
WOw, neat spider web and spider pic! Love your flower shot too, but that spider is awesome. See, it's just helping you decorate for Halloween! LOL
The other day a baby snake crawled out from under our side wall...I didn't kill it because it looked like a nonpoisonous type...but I dread them too. I just used a hoe and chased it back to the woods.
Happy Fall...come on cool weather!

Shopgirl said...

Well, you see I am not good at spiders! I can't even kill them because it isn't in me to get that close. I am sure it is a beautiful spider....the flowers are lovely.
I love fall, right now the wind is blowing with a little rain. We haven't had rain in almost 2 months, it smells so good.
Love ya, Mary
Arney does all the spider killing on our farm....I just go away so I don't see the event.

Janet said...

Yikes! That's some spider web! And that spider looks none too friendly to me.